Friday, September 09, 2011

More Gay for Pay

Times are tough.

Stock markets are looking bleak. Exchange rates are looking grim. Everywhere you look, it seems like everyone's gearing up for the next big recession to hit.

Simply Sam
Umm... this isn't exactly what I imagined for the job interview!

Heck, even pretty boys willing to sleep their way up the career ladder are finding it tough these days. With times so bad on the economic front, some are even willing to bend over for far less than a substantial promotion. Even a miserable toe in the door is sufficient for a quick blow job.

If not more.

Simply Sam
Check out this ad on craigslist!

Those naughty bankers in suits.

Certainly makes me regret not going into the heady world of finance! Though I'll admit the subject of accounting and maths has never been my strong suit - hence the endless struggle just to balance my own monthly checkbook! - I might have seriously reconsidered if I'd known this desperate fellow lay sometime in the future. Presumably he has to be quite the looker to have landed several modeling jobs before! Incentive enough to work hard at the bank, don't you think?

Damn. Why aren't our medical interns similarly eager to please?


Medie007 said...


one might as well just rather be a money boy.

RPMnut said...

Perhaps I should hire this one as my new Emily! hur hur :P

sharman said...

perhaps because the medical interns pass out every free moment they get? hehe... don't you remember your own internship days now?

fable said...

Hire him to manage your checkbook you are struggling with

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Oh what desperate (and exciting, one would imagine) times we live in! ;)

simonlover said...

Oops..! I think I'm guilty as charged! Yikes!

savante said...

Guess he's looking into the future as well, medie :P

Definitely, nut. Look no further.

Rather than pass out, they could offer such comforts to their seniors, sharman. I am sure most would let them go rest then :P

That's a good idea, fable.

WIsh I was good-looking enough to be a man-whore, kenny!

I knew it was you, simon! :P


Anonymous said...

Without wishing to be flip: Does it say something about the sort of personality attracted to investment banking?