Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anti Maid Syndrome

What would I do without a maid!

Seriously I don't even want to know the answer to the perplexing conundrum! Fortunately, for now and at least for the foreseeable future, I should be able to afford not to answer that particular question of whether I can live without domestic help. Apart from brief periods in my life, I've always had some sort of part-time maid in my house. Even here in Netherfield I have the inimitable yet oddly unintelligible Maid Mumbles to help out with the various domestic chores needed to keep the place vaguely serviceable.

And really, why would you even try to do without?

Domestic help. Such lovely, indispensable creatures. Maintains the manor in perfect order, all spic and span. Ready for a fry-up if the need arises. Ever-present with a cup of hot tea when you feel down.

Fuck egalitarianism. If I could afford an entire coterie of servants to staff my establishment, I probably would have. Just for starters, perhaps the housekeeper, the housemaid, the cook, the kitchen maid, the scullery maid, the chauffeur, the butler, the valet, the doorman - and that's only the bare minimum.

And why would you deny this strapping fellow his job?

So why does my sister-in-law Sassy Sue dislike having maids? Though most of us have broached the subject of hiring a maid to her, even the very suggestion seems insulting to Sue as a full-time housewife. Of course that's far from our initial intention since we just want to have her household burdens reduced with someone around to lend a hand.

Her adamant refusal seems peculiar though so let me just run through the stock reasons for not having a maid...

1) Financial constraints
Though having an entire army of maids would probably break the bank at the moment, I think my financially astute brother should be able to afford one at the very least.

2) Independence
There are some who prefer to do the cleaning, cooking, and cleanup on their own, citing independence and resourcefulness as a reason. Perhaps proving they are capable of handling the burden without help. And having a maid perpetually around in the background would really crimp their style. Yes, sure I might be able to manage without their services if need be but really, why bother if we can afford it?

3) Social conscience
A bit odd for a reason but I'll accept the validity of it. Though I gotta say the maids are getting their due for their hard work. Not like they are indentured slaves without choice. No doubt it's the best career option available to them at the moment so why not hire them?

Plenty of other more obscure reasons I'm sure. Pretty sure Sue has her personal reasons not to have a maid though, wonder what they are!


GVP said...

Agree with your point on why bother if we can afford it. It's quite logical for people are earning more if they spend time at work rather than doing house chores, to just not worry about such trivial tasks.

However, the idea of doing those chores with someone you love is rather enjoyable though, given that time isn't of the essence.

Fable said...

Depending if you are referring to a full time maid or those whom we hire by the hours. Having a full time maid is like living with a room mate. Some people may find it hard to live with someone else though they are there to help. But the thing I noticed is, woman finds it much difficult to cope with maids... All 3 of my sisters seems to be constantly complaining about theirs!

J-boy said...

Another reason for not hiring a maid is security reasons. After all you're letting an outsider into your residence..

My family's experiences haven't been that great.. stealing, lying, acting innocent when we clearly know she's done some nasty stuff. And when I say nasty, I mean it.. I have witnessed some very creepy stuff from maids..

A couple of them have even tried to seduce my dad. Since then my mum is totally against the idea of domestic help. She would rather do all the hard work herself..

savante said...

Very true, GVP! THen again I gotta admit I'm a lazy bastard so doing chores is always gonna be a drag for me. :)

Think the ladies are quite territorial when it comes to the home turf, Fable.

Unfortunately I think getting good maids seem to be the luck of the draw. Yes, there are some freakish maids out there, J-boy.


Lish said...

Not Thomas!! :)
I can't imagine not having a maid! Have had good ones, not so good ones, and the current one who probably has an iq of 14, but think she's the smartest of them all...can't live with, can't live without!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Is that fruitcake he's serving?

savante said...

Definitely can't live without sometimes, lish. Yeah, I gotta agree some of them can be a bit tiring at times but they just need some direction :)

You know what, I bet he is, anon :)