Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sugar Daddy

How are you? I am sugar daddy who looking for slim young man like you to be my sugar son. I am interested with you, and wish to offer you RM10,000 to exchange 5 times of sex from you. If you interested with it, do reply me.

Don't worry, I am decidedly not the author of that particular piece of purple prose.

Though having a sexy sculpted boy-toy lounging around the decadent halls of Netherfield would definitely perk things up, I don't think I'd be able to afford splurging on such frivolous luxuries. Yet. Who knows sometime in the future I might require the services of a hunky blond Chris Evans lookalike to help polish my silver.

Turns out some younger twink pals of mine have been getting such prurient offers online from the many predatory wolves stalking out there in the dark. Though I would have looked upon the proposition as a tremendous windfall, they don't seem to agree with my immoral ways. Bartering sex for an easy handout smacks too uncomfortably of prostitution for these junior prudes.

Won't you be my sugar daddy?

But exactly why is this so complex?

Basically you lie down, he gets you off and you get two thousand for each time. Talk about a win-wank situation. Rather than beat off alone in the privacy of their bedrooms as most boys are wont to do ( for free, mind you! ), now you have somebody who's willing to lend a hand. And you get money to boot!

Seriously, I don't see the downside in this particular arrangement. Certainly better than scoring only a mere pomelo for all your efforts!

Obviously if I had blessed with drop-dead gorgeous looks, I'd be trolling the streets as an ambitious money boy hustler. After all I've always been a sternly pragmatic fellow. Rather than run screaming from aspiring sugar daddies, perhaps it's more practical to properly evaluate their salacious offers to see whether it fits. Everyone needs a bit of sugar after all.


u:ulliel said...

now that you have inserted a nice banner from Downton Abbey and featured the favourite first footman, will you be writing a post on the series sometime soon? :)

J-boy said...

I was offered something like this once on one of those dating sites.

In fact the message was identical to the one you posted... which makes me wonder whether these people who offer it are really sugar daddies, or is it some kind of scam used to trick innocent little lambs like me (LOOK innocent at least hahaha :P).

Either way I think it's creepy. We can always get fun out there for free, but to be paid for it.. just feels low. Like prostitution kind of low.

GVP said...
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GVP said...

Sorry about the above, I pressed wrong buttons.

The whole thing is not for me, but I think a spoonful of sugar is every now and then is alright, especially when one is feeling hypoglycaemic.

You made a good point about why not get some cash while going for it, but I really agree with J-boy. No one wants to feel like a prostitute.

DeluSion said...
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DeluSion said...

I think it's respectable to earn a living with your own body.