Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh So Wicked

Who knew a walking haystack could be so sexy I'd want to reach over and blow him?

Turns out all sorts of wonderful and magical things actually do happen in the fictional Land of Oz. The Wicked Witches aren't all that wicked, the Wizard isn't at all wizardly and Dorothy isn't that much of a heroine after all.

At least that's how they tell the tale in the musical Wicked.

A warm welcome to the theatre!

With theatres lining the block in the West End, surely there's no visit to London without catching a musical or two! Not forgetting the plays of course. So many to choose from but for me, it had to be a choice between the Lion King and Wicked. Although I would have loved to have seen all the rest, we had very little time on our hands with our packed itinerary.

And I'll admit the thought of taking the dodgy midnight train home always gives me the chills.

Thank goodness we started out early to the theatre since we found ourselves utterly befuddled somewhere in the West End after finding out that there were two theatres with the same name!

Calvin : Only one short day but are we there yet?
Paul : OMG I think there are two Apollo Theatres in London. An Apollo Theatre in Shaftesbury and an Apollo Theatre in Victoria!
Calvin : What is this feeling? Does that mean we have to defy gravity?
Paul : Perhaps you will have to since they are both miles apart!
Calvin : Perhaps we need the Glinda to show us the way!
Paul : Not unless you have some ruby slippers lying around!

Didn't have a yellow brick road in front of us but we had our helpful wizard in the form of an amiable ticket tout who pointed us along our way. Even plodding munchkins and flying monkeys didn't hinder our way as we marched down to Victoria just in the nick of time before the curtains rose.

And quick we were to find our seats despite squeezing between portly matrons stuffing themselves full with sweet candy and warm beer. Didn't blame them for partaking in the meagre bit of consolation since the deliciously debonair hero of the show, Fiyero, seemed only to have eyes for the green-skinned Elphaba, the main protagonist of Wicked.

Seriously. No one has made tight leather pants look so good on stage. Even when Fiyero ( played by the sexy Mark Evans ) later turned into straw, even the witch couldn't stay away from him. I certainly don't blame her.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Oh what a wicked smile he has... amongst other bodily features that are equally wicked... ;)

savante said...

Totally ignored poor Elphaba's whinings only to concentrate on Fiyero's tight ass :)


ooi2009 said...

i love bodily parts from hunky hairy guys

sharman said...

i watched lion king in singapore and it was amazing! gonna catch wicked in singapore too, will let you know if it's worth your time ;)