Wednesday, March 06, 2013

That Gym Adonis


Though certainly the bane of the highly superstitious Madame Borgia, most people would agree that mirrors are an essential feature in any well-equipped gym. Not just any pithy shard of glass - but the broad, full-length floor-to-ceiling panoramic megamirror that tauntingly showcases every extra ounce of fat on your body from all possible angles.

Ostensibly the mirror helps true bodybuilders gauge their muscular development and possibly ascertain their form while performing strenuous repetitions.

At least that's the reasons given. We just know these muscular Adonises adore gazing narcissistically at themselves. Although I'll admit some of them do have valid reasons to love themselves. Sculpted arms, pumped-up pecs, ripped abs, tight ass and the like. Oh yes, I have been guilty of unabashedly eye-fucking them more than once in the gym.

Boy : What the hell are you looking at?
Paul : You of course. Don't pose endlessly at the mirrors if you don't want to be stared at.
Boy : Oh.
Paul : And come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a coke. 

Sometimes quite shamelessly.

Which is how I got caught one day. My timing at the gym happens to coincide with one particular Adonis who prefers doing his grunting reps during the lazy afternoons sans shirt. Certainly wish it would be sans shorts as well but I guess that would be pushing it.
So there I was seated at the bench sipping on my drinks admiring my eye candy - wishing I could lick the beaded sweat snaking down his broad muscular back - when said Adonis unceremoniously drops his hefty dumbbells, swirls around and stomps over to me.

Either I was gonna get a violent homophobic smackdown for the frequent eyefucks or he just wanted my drink. Turns out it was neither.

Adonis : Hey. Seen you often here. 
Paul : Yeah, I like coming when it's not as packed with people. 
Adonis : Same here. Quieter. No need to rush with the crowd. 
Paul : Agreed. 
Adonis : Hey I just met you and this is crazy but I've always wanted to ask you something. Do you mind? 

Here I was hoping for an indecent proposition ranging from the innocent call me maybe to far more adventurous positions in the steam room.

Adonis : Umm, I heard that you're a doctor.

Shit. The most unarousing boner killer ever.

If you're thinking that loaded question would be a prelude to a naughty physical examination behind the screens, you'd be wrong. Usually that entails the uncensored confession of a shocking medical history that would successfully kill off any lurid erotic fantasies previously cultivated.


matt said...

maybe the medical question was an excuse to talk to you! what happened next?

the island guy said...

I enjoyed your use of the F-word lol.
"unabashedly eye-fucking them"

dazzakoh said...

He "heard" you are a doctor? So Paul has been turning a few heads, has he.... hmmmm.... ;-)

savante said...

Told me of his medical problems of course, matt :) Asked him to come to the clinic.

I can't help it, island guy :P

More like I'm curious who knows, dazzakoh. Don't think I have patients at the gym.