Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just Like a Tattoo

Or even a piercing.

Since grunting cavemen started sketching out the intimate details of their mundane existences with crushed berries and coagulated blood, we have always wanted to leave our permanent mark to commemorate singular events in our personal histories. And where else would be better than something as portable, prominent and perceivable as our own skin.

Over here on the island of Borneo, it doesn't come as a surprise that tattoos are as common as every third brutish fellow you see on the streets. Tattoos are revered amongst the local natives here with each particular plant or animal design carrying a specific meaning and history such as the celebrated bunga terung inked onto many a virile shoulder here ( and yes, also on hunky Henry Golding below ). Ardent enthusiasts tell me the practice is particularly addictive and once they have crossed that line, there's an unspoken urge to memorialize the events in their lives with unique new designs.

Though amazingly beautiful and wonderfully intricate, I would still stop short of trying it out for myself. Squeamish for one thing, especially about the seemingly intolerable pain! Discomfort for another, especially with that culturally ingrained ( though largely erroneous ) suspicion that tattoos are purely meant for the delinquent elements.

Yo, like my tats? 

But more from the sheer discomfort over seeing tattoos on the elderly folk. Sure, the beautiful artwork inked onto smooth unblemished skin stretched taut over youthful muscles does look astounding. That's when everything's hanging high and tight. Now just imagine the effects of age with the wear and tear associated with it.

Not so nice really. Perhaps confined to the shoulders and the ankles since much less sagging occurs there.

So tattoos aren't really for me - which happens to be my thoughts when it comes to body piercings as well from the ubiquitous tongue to the uncommon nipple. Umm... really? Apart from anything else, raging infection anyone?

So imagine my surprise to be greeted by a shot of a penis this morning.

Felix : Nice? 
Paul : Is sending pornographic material a new way of greeting?
Felix : Note the difference.
Paul : You seriously got a piercing.
Felix : Yes.
Paul : Ouch. 
Felix : That's all you're gonna say?
Paul : Say hello to the metal detector?

Here I thought Felix wasn't as a fan of either tattoos or piercings. I was wrong.

Reliably informed that the rare piercing doesn't often trigger the metal detector so the little ornament should be safe. Or at least Felix hopes. 


sharman said...

Omg down there???! Didnt/doesnt it hurt???

Ps should have put up henry golding's bunge terung tatoo pic instead :p

savante said...

Sharman, great idea! Will change the pic ASAP.