Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Blue-eyed Borgia Boy

It isn't hard to see how Charming Calvin could be the favoured blue-eyed boy of the Borgias. Academically bright, reasonably accomplished and altogether an obedient, loving child; our Calvin generally follows the route mapped out by his conservative elders.

Hardly ever rocks the boat.

Well, except that one minor tropical setback after his domineering brother roughly shoved him out of the proverbial closet. Henceforth at least in the eyes of the Borgia family, Calvin must appear to have lost his sensible moorings to career wildly all over the dangerous uncharted territories of homosexual bay.

With me playing the unenviable role of the wicked siren drawing him away from the relatively safe, comfortably conventional shores he knows so well.

Much to the apparent disgust of his all-seeing, utterly condemning mother, Madame Borgia. Though it didn't occur to me how deeply disappointed she must have been that Calvin has started drawing out his own charts to find his way rather than follow her own prescribed heterosocially acceptable routes. Something she apparently decided to share with me over a Chinese New Year celebratory meal with the family.

Paul : Wonder what your mom is gonna pull this time.
Calvin : She promised she'll be good.
Paul : That's what she always says. 

After all, what better time to torture the unwanted out-laws?

From the depths of her inner sanctum, Madame Borgia retrieved a beautifully polished leather binder with various certificates extolling the manifold accomplishments of one Charming Calvin. Though she denied it vehemently, it was clearly evident that she'd treasured that article greatly. Rather than shamelessly embarass her beloved son with shocking baby pictures, she decided to torture me instead with his examination certificates.

Madame : Such potential. Oh we could have been something great.
Paul : Nothing stopping him from being great.
Madame : But ... sigh. So lost. 
Paul : Hardly lost.
Madame : But ...sigh.

Yes, you could see the glint in her eye as she looked at me. Obviously the cause of the reputable family's downfall.

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