Thursday, August 30, 2012

High School Crushes

We've all had our high school crushes.

Despite remaining on the down-low in regards to my unorthodox sexuality, I myself had several all throughout the years in school from the curly-haired sweetie in lower secondary to the more rakish fellow I dined and dated at the end of high school. That last fellow turned out to be my ex boyfriend my highly InSignificant Other. :)

Then we have Dapper Donovan who falls somewhere in the middle.

The very epitome of a high school jock idol - tall, fair and devilishly handsome - is there any other kind? And yes, borrowing from the stereotypical dumb jock cliche, he didn't have much booksmarts either - which led to his hastily borrowing my schoolwork every morning just minutes before class. Never was all that protective about my dull, boring homework so I freely handed him my scribbled notes without much ado.

Call Me Maybe?

God knows watching the delicious dimples flicker around his sexy smile was payment enough. Simple enough exchange since Donovan realized that he wasn't all that academically inclined. And yes, he also knew he had statuesque good looks on his side, certainly used his ample physical charms to his advantage.

Donovan : Shit, I forgot to do my homework.
Paul : Again? 
Donovan : Come on, help a friend out!
Paul : One day I'll probably cash in on all these favours. 
Donovan : Not a problem. My word on that. 
Paul : Probably some wildly inappropriate sexual favours in return.
Donovan : Hell, you don't see me complaining.

And yes, my hands did occasionally wander. Hard not to with his fit, athletic body so close at hand. Tolerant fellow that he was, our ever affable Donovan never raised a hand in protest. Far too busy copying notes onto his barely used exercise book.

Bet Donovan knew exactly what was going on. Me, I was still stupidly wrangling with sexual confusion to attempt anything more. Back then it was all flirt and no play.

As usual boys like these make a pretty quick disappearance after high school to places unseen. Community college? Indentured labour? Petty crime? Didn't stop me from going online every once in a while to search for Donovan. Come on, who hasn't typed in the name of their crushes just to see what's been going on in their lives?

Then Facebook came along.

Turns out the boy has turned into a man and gotten married. Just weeks back. And by golly the sweet teenage dream I knew way back then has definitely crashed back to painful reality - and by that I mean the unholy trinity of pot-belly, bald pate and wrinkles.

And that's judging by his heavily retouched photoshopped wedding pictures. Nevertheless that sweet dimpled smile still shines through.

Don't know why Donovan took that long to get married though. With all the sophomoric girls swooning over him, I would have thought he could easily have his pick. Hmm.... possible closet case?


orange-wee said...

my high school crushes broke my heart into so many pieces, WUAHAAHAHA, still mending it

savante said...

Takes a while to recover, I guess :) But orange, I'm sure you'll get over him.