Monday, August 06, 2012

The Thong Song

Rather than bother about the deplorable state of disrepute that the country has fallen into, my indifferent friends seem far more concerned about the state of their innerwear. Hell, they probably spend the better part of their salary - probably amounting to half the GDP of a small struggling developing nation - on their underwear.

Yes, you heard it. Stuff you keep down where the sun doesn't normally shine - briefs, boxers, boxer briefs and the like. With metrosexual being the buzzword these days, they have produced skimpy thongs to dress the gents for every possible occasion.

Even an entire vibrant range based on the days of the week by Aussiebum. Just in case you actually do get up blissfully naked in some hunky stranger's bed and simply can't be bothered to recall the day. Honestly for the exorbitant price you'd fork out just for that minuscule strip of neon-coloured cotton, that wet dream fantasy had better come true.

I've already given Fabulous Felix fair warning that one day I'll plunder his sizeable undies stash so that his week's worth would be short of a day. Perhaps a missing Thursday?

Even Mercurial Marshall has his underwear separated into dull lifeless work briefs, which I assume are in sober shades of grey and white, and the fabulously vivid bikinis in rainbow colours that he keeps for his *ahem* extracurricular activities. Been checking almost daily and so far it's been boring workwear for Marshall.

Perhaps if we tear something, we can get new briefs!

Turns out the underwear fetishist fellows would be just at home in Bangkok.

Seriously. Almost half a floor dedicated to men's underwear? I found myself goggling at the amazing variety and quantity that they have on display at almost all their department stores.

No idea whether Thai men are legally required to have enough boxer briefs to last a hazardous nuclear winter - but the optimistic underwear manufacturers sure seem to hope so since they have all set up shop here. Or perhaps the infamous go-go bars keep their pretty boys comfortably supported with the latest fads in men's innerwear to better highlight their bulging packages under the blazing spotlights.

Shockingly blasphemous but it had also had me wondering what the hunkier monks were wearing under their austere saffron robes. Simple cotton thongs by Andrew Christian? Edgy leather briefs by Rufskin? Damn, I should be banned from going by the temples. 


thompsonboy said...

I am guessing nothing.

thompsonboy said...

I am guessing, nothing.

ooi2009 said...

there is this racist chiNese guy in my office , well racist to the gay circle , he keeps saying that only cina can be in gay clubs coz their the hottest in malaysia

A.D. said...

Spending a stack of cash just on undies which hardly a single soul would be able to see (unless you're in luck) is just not quite my cup of tea. But then again, I guess for some, it gives some sense of confidence or a boost to their manhood. =p