Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Such is the notorious reputation of that wicked sin-city up north that just the mention of a brief weekend in Bangkok is enough to evoke suggestive smirks all around. Even repeated protests that my regular bi-annual visits there have little to do with anything vaguely licentious - and more to do with my assorted relatives there - falls on disbelieving ears.

Paul : Yeah, I'm heading to Bangkok next week. 
Friend : Oh yeah, having a little bit of fun on the side, are we? *hint hint* *nudge nudge*
Paul : Just shopping.
Friend : Dancing all night long at DJ Station? Shopping for the hunky bar boys down in Soi Twilight?
Paul : It's purely shopping, with a little bit of family business on the side.
Friend : Not even a little happy ending with a massage boy?
Paul : Not even.
Friend : Why are you going there again?

I don't blame them.

Let's not deny that the city of Bangkok has a disproportionately high number of exceedingly attractive men. Just a glance through some of the cuter boys showcased on the likes of Grindr and Instagram is enough to proof that particular theory. A peculiar yet potent melange of sunshine, genetics and spice has produced some of the hottest fellows in South East Asia. More's the pity that I didn't inherit any of those tall, dark and hunky genes!

And yes, from chicken to beef, they try to cater for all tastes in men

Doesn't stop me from drooling over them though. Chances of catching the breathtakingly beautiful boys en déshabillé are plenty - what with the sweltering tropical heat making the deliciously delectable uniform of tight tanktop and skimpy shorts ubiquitous.

And let's not forget the ever-present gay bars. This being the ever-tolerant kingdom of Thailand where almost everything goes, some of the muscle marys shaking their luscious moneymakers on stage can be readily available for a price. Even a bargain sometimes.

Never had any prudish qualms of morality over prostitution so I've always been tempted - and helluva curious. To put it plainly, there's a barely concealed dominant streak in me that would enjoy having a submissive muscle-bound hunk genuflecting at my feet ready to fulfil my every whim.

Promise I'd be gentle.

And yes, I've always wanted to try that impossible gay Kama Sutra position seen only in highly adventurous debauched porn films.

Despite all that though, I have never ever hired a money boy. Perverse Murphy's Law perhaps but somehow though there's always an irritating impediment heading my way - whether a busybody relative, a monogamous relationship or a lack of bedding space.

And oh yes, let's not forget my ever prevalent fear of things turning violent. Hasn't everyone heard of the heartless trick turning the tables on the foolish john and making off with his bulging wallet?


Anonymous said...

tat's wad i thought so too.... cuz it seems tat a lot couple/plu tat i know travel there on an annual basis. Don know whether is the sex factor, or just tat its dirt cheap.

Never been there, tempted lol

savante said...

Definitely go take a look! So many things to offer, even if sex isn't on the plate! :)


Tempus said...

hmm, its like the pilgrim spot for gay couples if I've not mistaken. Songkran festival is like a gay-made festival too.

however, until I earn my own bucks.

savante said...

That is for sure, tempus. Sat on a plane going back for Songkran once - and boy, it was like a gay cruise up in the air with muscle boys in tanktops and flipflops.