Friday, July 13, 2012

Cartoon Heroes

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

Hearing such a battle-cry, anyone would think such inspirational watchwords to have come straight out of the wild multicoloured pages of a superhero comic book.

Well these days you would be wrong. Inspired by the macho vigilantism shown in the comics, our very own minister ( in charge of Information, Communications and Culture no less ) has come up with a novel idea to fight crime - by urging local martial arts practitioners to be more actively involved in fighting crime.

At first the inattentive authorities vehemently deny the fact that there's a worrying rise in urban crime rates with a recent spate of violent kidnappings and robberies; repeatedly citing endless numbers and statistics rather than offering reassurance. And now we have our very own minister, ostensibly the official mouthpiece of the government, suggesting that the practiced pugilists with their training in armed / unarmed combat take to the streets to do battle.

Let's just ignore the fact that vigilantism in practice is altogether illegal.

Time for some action!

At least I am glad to know that the ruling government would support my decision to don cape and tights to combat crime and corruption. Perhaps I might not be worthy of Superman's mighty emblem but I'd certainly do better than our sadly inferior local counterpart Cicakman who probably gets creamed by a insecticide spray. Just have to take up some form of martial arts, find a reasonably fitting spandex costume and then get down to the dirty back alleys for a bit of random guerrilla fighting.

Perhaps some of the gay boys in Body Combat could help out! Surely some of those punches and lunges learnt during gym classes could be translated into something strikingly lethal on the streets.

Wonder what my codename would be.


Accutane said...

WOW! Your idea is really very nice and useful i like it.
Thank you for post.

Vincent~ said...

seriously? love our government, Mr spidey wont have a problem fighting crime in our

I doubt spandex really helps, you might get sued for the tight fitting.

Tempus said...

hmm, code name eh? How about some generic Clavaman, or The Amoxylin! oh oh i know!, Gauge 21.

ah I'm overly submerging myself in the med world.

Anonymous Esq. said...

No need for the spandex and stuff. Just be the 'fighting doc', arm yourself with syringes filled with tranquilizers and battle it out in scrubs. xP. And wear some shades too.

savante said...

So you're gonna dress up in spandex too, accutane?

True, vincent, they might have a problem with skintight clothing.

Gasp! Gauge 21, tempus? Why!

I love the syringe and tranquilizers idea. Kinda like darts, anon!