Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Portable Closet

Surprisingly it didn't take very long for Mercurial Marshall to settle all his transfer arrangements to paddle across the Big Puddle. Stickler for rules that the boy is, Marshall wanted to make sure that he arrived just a few days shy of the actual date - even wrote an official letter explaining his unfortunate tardiness, written at great length with exhaustive details about each and every hold-up that interrupted his meticulous preparations.

Me, I just sent an instant message to my then unknown colleagues. Yo, will be late.

Used to such tiresome bureaucratic red-tape impeding speedy transfer, ye patient folks over on this side of the Big Puddle are far more forgiving. Hell, they don't expect anyone to make an appearance anytime earlier than two weeks after the suggested date.

But Marshall managed the impossible and made plans to arrive early. No doubt he could place the blame squarely on his luggage for causing the near unforgivable delay.

Marshall : I'll be coming by this weekend at the latest. Can I stay over for a few days?
Paul : No problem. Clothing-optional so you don't have to bring too many clothes.
Marshall : Funny.
Paul : Well I promise the orgies won't be.
Marshall : Haha. I actually have two huge bags.
Paul : Two?
Marshall : Each large enough to fit me, I think.
Paul : Did you move all your ex-boyfriends over?
Marshall : Well, maybe their entire wardrobes.
Paul : You could ship it over, you know. 
Marshall : I can't be away from my clothes! And these are only the ones I'm going to wear this week. I'm shipping the rest!
Paul : OMG how many tanktops do you have!

Certainly not to be parted, gay boys and their clothes! Reminds me of Charming Calvin and his alarmingly overfilled suitcase for a brief weekend getaway. Change of clothes four times a day?!

Umm... two bags for a week is too many? 

Can pretty much guess that Marshall isn't that much different.

In fact Marshall can't even bear to be apart from his snazzy club shirts for more than the two hours of flight over here! Forget about important life necessities such as food and water! The boy desperately needs his tight tank top / chino pants / gladiator sandals combo outfit! Trying to talk him out of bringing the entire spring / summer Topman collection took the better part of an hour. Even then, I only managed to bring him down by a three shirts.

Why do I have the funny feeling that the major portion of his luggage is taken up by endless quantities of colourful designer underwear?


Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

can't let go...same here

savante said...

But what do you do with so much underwear! Bet he doesn't even wear the half!