Monday, July 02, 2012

Breakfasts at Pemberley

Over here across the Big Puddle, it's quite impossible to have certain meals at different times of the day. Almost obsessively British in their respect for certain mealtimes with their respective menus, the eccentric locals dedicate particular dishes to fixed hours of the day.

For instance, don't even dream of having piquant laksa in the sultry evenings unless you painstakingly make it with your own hands. Or even thirst-quenching cendol at the break of dawn.

Since no one would even consider partaking of those dishes out of their appropriate mealtimes. I've been repeatedly assured by the society grand dames that laksa was specifically created only for the mornings, so having a bowl anytime after two in the afternoon would be an unforgivable social faux pas.

Imagine the raised eyebrows at such a peculiarity. In fact anything wildly irregular being served out of their place would probably forever disrupt the social order as they know it! Wouldn't surprise me if the locals had such an arcane edict about their peculiar customs noted down for posterity in their Rulebook of Dining.

You mean I can't have this for tea?

Archaic rules our Charming Calvin obviously has no qualms about breaking - albeit a safe distance away in his Pemberley estate. He's a wild man, that one. Certain that none of his judgemental peers here would ever hear of his inappropriate behaviour, Calvin has turned almost capricious in his carte du jour.

Paul : French Toast as dinner?
Calvin : Oh yes we offer all day breakfasts here.
Paul : How shockingly unconventional! What next? Tea and scones for dinner? 
Calvin : Maybe!
Paul : Followed by bacon and eggs for supper? Gracious! What would your people think!

What would his mother think would be more likely. No doubt any radical behaviour on his part would be entirely blamed on me.

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