Monday, August 27, 2012

Night of Masks

Ever since his much-awaited arrival in Homosexoil several months ago, Mercurial Marshall has been a fanatical regular on the homosocial app Grindr - ostensibly in his relentless search for gregarious like-minded companions to partake in coffee, tea and perhaps ... a little bit more.

Though our prudish fellow vehemently insists that it hasn't led to anything more.

Certainly had my doubts which is why I had no choice but to rope him down for a sweaty interrogation. Though valiant Marshall initially refused to give up the names of his new acquaintances, a few bites and clamps on his sculpted pecs were all I needed to induce his eventual surrender.

Checking through the lists of varying names however, I found a curious vetting criteria set aside for his supposedly platonic teatime assignations. Well, apart from the absolute sine qua non of pecs and abs. Otherwise hardly anything in common apart from the fact that they are all highly discreet. Something our exacting Marshall finds sexually irresistible for some obscure reason.

Marshall : Chick looking for hawk? Is that you?

Discreet. As in super-secret-highly-confidential-lets-fuck-under-the-cover-of-moonlight-no-one-must-ever-know discreet. So clandestinely cloak-and-dagger that one particularly enterprising agent even offered to meet him in an abandoned parking lot several miles away from the city centre exactly an hour before midnight. No doubt with a brief exchange of cryptic codewords and covert signals.

Wouldn't be surprised if they wore black hats and sleek trenchcoats for the meeting.

Marshall : Well they are discreet!
Paul : You think you're a secret spy
Marshall : Trying not to be too obvious mah. 
Paul : Believe me, being seen with you is telling enough.
Marshall : But I am discreet!
Paul : You're wearing a tight pink baby tee with the words Juicy on your generous chest. That telegraphs a mile away.

I can see two reasons for his unconventional choices.

Either Marshall has ambitious plans to publish a tell-all expose on the homosexual life in the city with explicit details of each and every libidinous encounter. Maybe even a bit of handy blackmail prior to the book publishing.

Or he plans to start a secret society Eyes Wide Shut style with clandestine sexual orgies attended only by masked / hooded participants. Where everything and anything goes.

I vote for the latter.


thompsonboy said...

"sexual orgies attended only by masked / hooded participants" - where do one sign up?

savante said...

Curious myself. Hopefully that's his main intention, tb!


ooi2009 said...

yux , superjunior ....ewww

savante said...

Think the ELFs would disagree strongly, ooi. :P