Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Ouch

We all know how the fresh innocent newbie frequently gets bullied. Traditional hazing rituals, ranging from the harmless icebreakers to the seriously perverse torture chambers, abound in almost every exclusive social clique there is from athletic clubs to college fraternities. An initiation ceremony to induct a fledgling member into the ranks of the privileged.

And then you have our Mercurial Marshall who seems to be the perfect target for bullying.

Sure he might not be the youngest of us all - the fledgling maknae so to speak - but he sure acts ...young, for want of a better word. Almost like a naive, childlike infant newly hatched from the glowing remnants of a fabulous Lady Gaga egg. And God knows Marshall is helluva fun to tease especially since he keeps coming up with the most idiosyncratic, shockingly cutesy aegyo responses.

For instance, he's a fit lil gym bunny who enjoys pumping his pecs at the neighbourhood gym. Endless physical repetitions which apparently leaves his bulging pecs a bit sore by dinnertime so any quick pokes and jabs gets an immediate response.

Only thing is his ouch ain't the usual agonizing exclamation we're all used to.

Ooh, that hurts. Hit me a lil bit more.

His is just a bit different. Oddly unconvincing I swear.

Poking Marshall elicits an ouch we normally only hear on red-blooded gay Japanese porn - the sort of soft pleading ouch that doesn't really signify excruciating pain but seems to be begging for just a little bit more of the same. Shockingly S&M. Kinda in the same submissive tone as the endless ikus and kimochis the much-abused pornstars seem to be moaning repeatedly.

Marshall : Ow. That's painful.
Paul : Really?
Marshall : Ow. Really.
Paul : Cause that ouch sounds more like a 'fuck me harder' kinda ouch.
Marshall : No it doesn't!
Paul : Trust me it does. Let's hear it again.
Marshall : Ow.

Now doesn't that make you wanna spank him? Any half-decent dom would probably have the mini-stud tied up on a rack ready for some punishment. 

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