Friday, June 01, 2012

The Hidden Blade

Though as much as I would like it to be true,  it seems I'm still far from approaching zen as yet.

Apparently far too much barely repressed work rage simmering beneath the calm surface. So the occasional minor eruptions still occur leaving near innocent victims scorched in the fiery aftermath.  

Mindless rage!
Though much less regularly in comparison to my... more incendiary youth. Hell, I even had one of my infamous psychotic breaks for quite a while! Quite a few of my past colleagues would be amazed at what I allow to pass these days with barely an irritated frown, when similar exchanges in the past would have had me immediately combusting into a searing Vesuvius. Time does mellow even the most irritable volcanoes.

However even the mild spurts of aggravation that spill out occasionally still manages to sting the relatively thin-skinned locals here. According to my nurse Miranda Merry's daily weather reports, some of my nurses are actually afraid to call me - since I tend to bark on the telephone.

Nurse : Hello? 
Paul : What the hell do you want? 
Nurse : I.. umm..
Paul : Could you speak up? I seriously don't have all day. 
Nurse : There is a patient here. 
Paul : Obviously. I don't think you were trying to sell me some insurance. 
Nurse : No, I don't mean to say ...
Paul : You're getting to be a bore. Obviously it can't be that much of an emergency if you can chatter on about rubbish. 

Yes, I have zero phone etiquette.

Obviously not zen enough - even though I am actually so much nicer these days. Really! Seriously nothing close to the scalding comments I used to make at work leaving suicidal interns weeping piteously in my wake. Oh please, even my relatively benign snubs these days are ouchie hurtful?

Fortunately they didn't know me during my monstrous heyday. 


DeluSion said...

Have you ever given your patient a heart attack?

savante said...

But delusion, why would I?

Kenny Mah said...

I blame the heat and the weather, I do. :P

Tempus said...

i would practice the normal malay proverb of orang berbudi bahasa, kita merasa.

an eye for an eye.

if you go gibberish and mumble, I click.

savante said...

That's as good a reason as any, kenny :)

Yeah, mumbling also gets me irritated followed by a quick slam on the phone, tempus hahaha.