Saturday, June 23, 2012


With gay men being the first - and possibly still the largest at-risk population in the developed world for HIV, is it any wonder that we have all become pretty savvy when it comes to safer sex. Despite risky behaviour such as barebacking becoming increasingly common especially in pornography, no glove, no love still seems to be the presiding mantra when it comes to even the most casual sex situations.
And eventhough I haven't indulged in such perilous proclivities in a while, I still keep a trusty condom ( renewed since the last time! ) ready in my wallet. Better to be safe than sorry.

Which doesn't seem to be the motto when it comes to my straight brethren.

Nurse : He doesn't like the condom wor. Says it's comfortable!
Paul : So he prefers unwanted pregnancies? Unfamiliar STDs?
Nurse : But he says there's no feel!
Paul : Not even ultra-thin?
Nurse : Nope!
Paul : Do the ladies still believe such utter rubbish?
Nurse : But there's no feel right?
Paul : Unless he's dead paralyzed from the waist down, believe me he can feel it. 

Still coming up with that old clich├ęd excuse? Thought only cheap, down-on-their-luck streetwalkers were the only ones who had to swallow that load of crap. Evidently if repeated often enough, even my reasonably intelligent nurses start attaching weight to that bit of falsehood.

Even looking at these two is enough to give me a rise.

Believe me, the penis down there is sensitive enough to detect even a light breeze through thick layers of denim and cotton. At least it does for me. Frottage anyone? Back me up on this, guys. If it doesn't - and that remarkably thin sheath of rubber actually prevents any sort of pleasurable physical sensation, do you think sexually active gay men all over the world would still be using condoms in their random hook-ups?

Hell, when you're in the moment with the right partner, I doubt that little rubber actually makes much of a difference.

At least it makes them last longer, right?.


malimo said...

I don't feel the difference between wearing one or not. But despite that fact, I still prefer to wear one as it is less messy. Just take it off, tied it, cover with tissue, there you go into the bin, clean, no wet feeling everywhere.

Anonymous Esq. said...

I've heard that 'cliched excuse' countless times from both old jack-asses and young-but-obviously-foolish-or-blindly-oversexed jocks when it comes to 'wearing the glove'. Apparently, they say that there should not be any hindrance in 'skin to skin' contact lest it affects the quality of sex. And most think they're invincible - until they come to the clinic with pathetic grave sullen faces to check for STD.