Monday, June 25, 2012

Three Strikes and You're Out

Although it pains me, I'l readily admit I wasn't quite the sweetest fellow back in school. Though certainly nothing compared to the likes of mean girl dramas these days, there were the occasional episodes of... reprehensible misbehaviour.

Which is how I actually developed my Three Strikes Rule for members to the club, new acquaintances and such.

Felix : Hey why don't we call Rex out for dinner? 
Paul : I don't have his number anymore. 
Felix : Can't be. I clearly saw him give it to you before. You lost it? 
Paul : No, I deleted it. 
Felix : Wow. Why?
Paul : He violated my Three Strikes Rule. 
Felix : Huh?
Paul : We asked him out a couple of times. He kept blowing us off with seriously stupid excuses. So I deleted the number. 
Felix : Fuyooh! Meanie!

Fading remnants of my misbegotten past, I swear. Didn't even realize I was still actively engaged in such childish transgressions till I was caught redhanded.

Now where the hell is this fellow! Don't tell me he's MIA again. 

Though I'm hardly to blame, am I? Let me put it this way. Friendship is a two-way street, like most other relationships, it takes significant effort from both parties to work. So if a platonic buddy sends out an invitation which you repeatedly decline with increasingly lame excuses each time, what is he supposed to think?

Regarding Rex - well he keeps cancelling on our meets, quite often at the last minute offering some vague justification for skipping out on us. Hardly any rainchecks at all.

Tiring always being the party taking the time and effort to maintain the connection. So yes, three strikes and you're out. Soon you'll just be somebody that I used to know.


malimo said...

hmm... I tot I was the only one who kept deleting people as they always refused or even worse bail out on last minute with lame excuses.

No, I dont wanna be a back up plan, these people only to find me for two things 1. they want something from me, 2. they wanna hang out with me after they got ditched by others

either way, this kind of people are not considering friendship as a two way street (in my opinion at least)

Twilight Man said...

Yeah I totally agree that friendship is a two way thing and I often make the moves to offer my friendship. That applies to blogging and facebooking too. I just deleted 50% of names from my facebook!!

Leo Nut said...

I guess i need to implement this rule into my life too.. Unless they manage to redeem themself..

peace said...

i have this bad habit... quite regularly, i would lose my phone and all my contacts... and those who contact me often enough stays in my phone list... hmmm, why do i sound so much like charles darwin... survival of the fittest...

savante said...

Guess you're not the only one, malimo :) Think we should all make an effort to keep friendships worth having.

Reminds me that I need to go through my facebook friends as well, twilight.

Usually those who don't will never ever do so, leo.

Aiks. Time to get an iPhone and keep all the contacts, peace!