Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pleasure & Pain

Felix : Do it. Harder. 
Paul : You sure about this? Looks like it hurts! Isn't that a tear? 
Felix : A little bit of pain is okay. Just do it. 
Paul : Hopefully there's a bit of pleasure with the pain. 
Felix : That comes after. Oh God it hurts. 
Paul : Just take it easy yeah. 

Toss in the lube, some condoms and you'd have all the makings of a really cheesy gay porn film.

Thankfully we were both in the neighbourhood beauty salon with a handful of other gawking clients in attendance - and not a single camera in plain sight. Looming close, the grinning aesthetician stood gleefully at hand with twisted cotton thread ready to pounce on the virgin sacrifice. Ever ready to suffer for the sake of beauty, Fabulous Felix had submitted himself to the tender mercies of his first threading experience.

And maybe a bit of eyebrow plucking.

Check out the brows, man!

Ouch. Really.

Especially when I signed up for it right after a groaning Felix climbed off the seat recovering from the harrowing ordeal. Despite his vehement protests, I should have known that budding masochist enjoys a bit of pain with his pleasure.

Basically threading involves using the aforementioned cotton thread spun into a canny cat's cradle to pluck at unwanted stray hairs. Despite the fact that the ancient art of threading has been in practice for centuries with a renowned reputation for quick, pain-free hair removal, I would beg to differ. Sure it feels like a teeny-tiny ant bite each time but imagine an entire battalion persistently attacking at regular intervals! With scaredy-cat physicians famous for having staggeringly low pain thresholds, don't even get me going about how painful the eyebrow plucking was.

How the ladies withstand such agonies on a regular basis, I can't even imagine.

Next time around I'm gonna spray my entire face with lignocaine, I swear. Maybe bring along a few ampoules of morphine just to be safe.

Still, I gotta admit after everything has cleared up.... I really have quite thick well-defined eyebrows! Maybe I'll even take the aesthetician's suggestion and purchase some eyebrow pencils.


William said...

Eyeliner next?

JokerPJ said...

why dont you just visit a beauty parlor instead?
You know, they have steady hands... how's the result?

savante said...

Who knows, william! Felix would probably take that step first.

Pretty good results, jokerpj. They tried their best with a mediocre face lo.