Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey La Hey La The Ex is Back

Seriously. The inevitable return of the ex accompanied by the obligatory Jaws theme of deep foreboding has become such a familiar television trope that it should be trademarked!

This time, I'm speaking in reference to not mine but my nurse Miranda Merry's ex boyfriend. Who reputedly cheated on her repeatedly in plain sight, subsequently got dumped royally by an indignant Miranda and then suddenly disappeared from view for several years. With her undeniably headstrong temper, I was starting to think she had secretly murdered him and had his decaying corpse conveniently discarded in one of the many easily accessible dumping spots in town.

Odd how many dark, dank swamps there are around here.

David Gandy
Miranda : A stake? Really?
Paul : You have a better idea?

Barely a week after we started talking about a marriage of convenience, this contemptible fellow crawls out from under the cracks. After two years of being missing in action, he appears begging for a second chance.

Paul : What has he been doing for the past two years?
Miranda : I have no idea. No one has seen him.
Paul : Did he receive a blinding epiphany after travelling the world seeking Eat, Pray, Love?
Miranda : Or developed amnesia after being clubbed on the head.
Paul : Maybe he had an illegitimate child!
Miranda : I wouldn't put it past him!
Paul : Did you accidentally forget that you had a baby with him?
Miranda : I wish. But no. He wants to get back together.

Which has placed Miranda in a miserable quandary since being placed on the shelf - so to speak - isn't exactly her preferred option. But returning to the arms of a lying, cheating scumbag would be hardly advantageous. Last I heard she was even entertaining wild thoughts of tracking down a reputable fortune teller to read her cards.

Second chances? Perhaps several years ago I would have stubbornly held my ground but perhaps the years have mellowed me. Just a tad more forgiving these days. Turning pretty zen really.

Such a coincidental synchronicity with my own previous relationship that I wondered myself what I would do if faced with a similar decision with my ex.

My ISO : Hey I never disappeared for two years.
Paul : Well it certainly seems like you did.
My ISO : Since you cut off all ties, what could I do? Call barring, e-mail blocking -
Paul : Preferable to me strangling you and dumping your corpse in a swamp.
My ISO : True, I do like my neck the way it is.

People do make mistakes. Especially in their callow youth.

After all if it's there's an unfortunate repeat, like I said there are plenty of dumping grounds in town.


zhenyu27 said...

plse put more chinese only pics

savante said...

But it doesn't mesh with the story, zhenyu!

KS said...

I kinda laughed a little at the first comment.

You have a beautifully morbid sense of humor. I can only hope this is why you've chosen medicine!

Tempus said...

So is it a yay or nay for OST?

zhenyu27 said...

chinsese pics are the best , not others , sorry , u and i know it

savante said...

True, KS :) But medicine probably helped hone our morbid sense of humour!

OST? Original Soundtrack, tempus?

Tempus said...

omgosh ISO nhahahahhahahaahah