Saturday, April 28, 2012

Divorce in Haste

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
Matthew 19:6

If only that were true.

With the increasing rates of divorce - and possibly even higher rates of quickie annulments, apparently quite a few men - and women - are sundering whatever union had joined them together. Hell, these days the blotted ink on the marriage certificate doesn't even have time to dry before the purportedly adoring couple has gone their separate ways due to irreconciliable differences.

Just take a look at the likes of our heterosexual celebrity couples who split up faster than the time it takes to draft their supposedly unbreakable marriage vows.

And our homophobic detractors say gay men are the threat to the vaunted institution of marriage?

Yet I used to naively believe that such improper quickie marriages ( and divorces ) were the fodder of sensational tabloids only! Only to be disillusioned recently when I found out that the shameless practice is quite alive and well this side of the Big Puddle.

Larry : You know my friend Gigi?
Paul : Yeah, the lovely girl who just got married?
Larry : Oh yeah, the husband wants a divorce.
Paul : Didn't Gigi just get married like a few months back?
Larry : Four months to be precise.
Paul : And now they are after a divorce. After only four months?
Larry : Yes.
Paul : They're not even going to try working it out?
Larry : No.
Paul : The husband just decided that marriage isn't for him?
Larry : Yes. Gigi thinks he has changed.
Paul : After fucking four months? Short of a massive cerebral concussion, no one changes that fast. Dammit do they think marriage is a game?
Larry : Know any lawyers?
Paul : I think the irresponsible duo should both be tossed on a remote desert island together to see who survives.

Last time I had friends who married and divorced in such graceless haste, the separating couple hardly had time to repent at leisure since the court judge shamed them both publicly with a stern lecture about the sacred sanctity of marriage.

Sure it's all fun and games till the bicycle ride stops and real life begins...

Fitting punishment - though I think far sterner measures should be taken. I'm not saying remain forever shackled in the bonds of marriage to an abusive monster - but surely just blithely breaking the sacred marriage vows after a fleeting couple of months should have more serious repercussions than a mere slap on the wrist! I am old-fashioned enough to believe that marriage should be a momentous life-changing decision; one that shouldn't be reversed so flippantly without serious consideration.

Just frivolously deciding you don't suit after a brief honeymoon?

Yes, I am going to say something shockingly unpopular. Perhaps it's time we punished adventuresome couples who cross the threshold of marriage only to seek immediate annulments by having them perform humiliating public service such as trash-picking.

Or yes, toss them on a desert island to contemplate their numerous wrongs. At least I'm not suggesting a public flogging for undermining the institution of marriage.

So explain to me how are gay men hurting the institution of marriage again?


Tempus said...

Just another sweeping statement upon denying the existence of homosexuals by homophobes. That would explain it. It's not the first time either.

Oh bte, yes, punish them. At least they would think twice the next time they filed a divorce

thompsonboy said...

erm..dont think there is a need to punish anyone or enjoy seeing anyon e suffer so to speak.

Just as I have the right to marriage, they have the right to protest against my right to marry. The world should be full of rights. Don't need war, punishment and revenge cause it's wrong

Little Dove said...

is this post inspired by the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries-72day-marriage-divorce? ;)