Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Androids Have Sex Dreams?

Guess our maidpower ministries don't have to worry very much longer - especially if this scientific utopia actually comes true not too far in the future.

Ah all the possibilities of an android. The very thought of it has me tingling in all the wrong places, as you can tell from my brief chat with the Legal Beagle. He was the one who brought up the inspirational video above - obviously showcasing said android about to commit some wildly unethical act in an upcoming movie.

Paul : I am so waiting for an android sex slave dammit!
Beagle : What? PG-ratings much, Paul?
Paul : Don't tell me you wouldn't want one! David the Sex Android.
Beagle : I have a far simpler task for David. Just man my department 24/7 while I head off for a year-long vacation!
Paul : That's all you wanna do with David? Think about it, imagine if he has sculpted six packs and a tight ass you could bounce a dime off.
Beagle : All I need that hot six-pack / ass combo to do is to sit down and earn me some billable hours while I'm away!
Paul : Poor overworked David! Just make sure you send him to me after work!
Beagle : Now which part of working 24/7 didn't you get?
Paul : Be a pal, give him some time off with me. I'll make sure he works really hard.
Beagle : Go get your own android David!
Paul : Will do. Perhaps one that looks like a combination of Chris Evans / Hemsworth.
Beagle : Probably version 2.0 then. Wait for it.
Paul : Imagine how bendy. Wonder what I can program into them. Damn scientists should make it fast!
Beagle : I do suspect they'd have fail-safe protection modes against your intended use of these androids.
Paul : Doubt it! It would be the best selling point for the androids. Sex toy androids! Definitely would make lots of money. Everyone would want one. Fleshjacks would be a thing of the past.

But seriously?
Chris Evans
Yes, sir, where do you want me?

Have a sexy available android the likes of Chris Evans ready to do your bidding and you immediately send them down to the dusty office to file boring forgettable paperwork? What a ludicrous waste of science & technology! Dang, I have so many other more pleasurable things I could do with a flexible boytoy like that!

Of course once I'm done, they can return to the more mundane household duties of dusting and cleaning.

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