Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brotherly Silence

Alright so my brother and I aren't exactly buddy-buddy.

Though I would wish to have a fraternal bromance the kind you see on lame bro-coms like the Hangover, I'm quite sure the ambivalent dynamics in our relationship would preclude us sharing endless kegs of booze on a forgotten Bangkok weekend. Seriously, lock us in a room together and you'll find us both - usually shockingly garrulous fellows - suddenly struck dumb with a brief smattering of inarticulate grunts to fill the acutely uncomfortable silence.

Paul : Ummm... how's work?
Brother : Okay. How's yours?
Paul : Okay.
Brother : Hmm.
Paul : Yeah. Hmm.


David Gandy

Don't know if all brothers act that way since I simply can't account for it! Though we were both brought up for two whole decades in the same nurturing environment side by side, somehow we have very little in common. In fact so many of our acquaintances, even his wife, have remarked on how different we are in personality and temperament. Perhaps the gay-straight divide?

Even my shockingly observant rugrat of a niece Chatty Carmen has come to this conclusion which left my sister-in-law non-plussed on how to answer her probing questions.

Carmen : Daddy and Uncle Paul don't really talk much. Are they angry with each other?
Sue : Umm... no?
Carmen : Did they have a fight?
Sue : Umm... no?
Carmen : Then why don't they talk to each other?
Sue : Umm...

Ouch. I wouldn't know how to answer her myself. Don't think I'm angry with my brother. Never had really huge blowout fights either. No intense deep-seated feelings of envy / hatred / rage over him in the least.

Anyone out there with brothers? Is it really like on television dramas where the inseparable brothers recount life experiences while bonding over frothy beer mugs and salty peanuts at the bar counter? Go on crazy weekend camping trips talking about mounting deer and pussy?

Or - like my brother always says - am I overthinking things?

No matter how, at least I don't think our relationship has deteriorated to such horrific extent! Gosh, I just realized I don't even know if my brother sings!


Chen Xing said...

Am closer to my sister.


soul232 said... case is extremely similiar with yours. we dont talk much with each other and I would dare say, apart from knowing where each other study and stay currently, I had no idea how their life had turned out to be. nonetheless, I can still count on their help if I ever in trouble :)

Tempus said...

oh well, you don't have to take it that hard. maybe you just simply have nothing in common! My brother and I probably have something in common to talk about, and I will always be the "light" sorta thing in guiding him and all, and also beloath him for every single mistake he makes.

still, its really ok. its just less similarities.

oh we have 2 more things in common too. CTR battle, and digimon rumble arena.

Kayson said...

My sis is 8 years younger than me. That makes her still in Primary! :P She's a brat. But i love her. I hope we dont grow awkward.

zhenyu27 said...

the pics is not so nice , plse put only chinese pics , more appealing

savante said...

Maybe sisters are easier to talk to. Certainly talk more with my sister in law, chen xing.

Can count on him for sure, soul, but it would be nicer if we were chummier....

Now to get my brother to play digimon haha...tempus.

Make sure you work on it, kayson.

Well there should be diversity, zhenyu.


sharman said...

Omg I feel the same with my brotherS! There is just nothing to talk about. Awkward silences if it's just us in the car. So I meddle with the radio. Or act like I'm busy with my telephone! I wish it were different. Like on tv, but i'm glad to know I'm not alone haha