Wednesday, April 04, 2012

In-Laws Outlawed

Pretty sure quite a few of you out there are wishing that would come true.

Lissome Lorelei amongst them. Yes, the wandering sea urchin has resurfaced from the mysterious fathoms below with some pretty dismal news; seems not all is well in fairytale kingdom with her happily-ever-after prince. Life isn't the bubbles, especially since her fairy godmother never told her that princes actually do come with royal parents in tow.

Lorelei : Damn him!
Paul : For having parents!
Lorelei : Yes! Dammit I mean no! He wants to go back.
Paul : Go back where? Under the sea?
Lorelei : Yes! I don't want to go back under the sea with him! Especially not to live with his parents.
Paul : Well you always knew he would one day return to live with his aging parents.
Lorelei : Umm... well they are pretty old so I was hoping...
Paul : Those poor unfortunate souls!
Lorelei : Ye Gods, I have turned into a monster.
Paul : Worse than Ursula the Sea Witch.
Lorelei : Can't be. That's his mother.

Not the first time I've said it but I'll probably say it again. And again.

Seriously. Is it really that hard to understand? Marry the boy - and expect to get the whole baggage of crazed in-laws. That's why the sweet fables we read always end right after the prince carries the bride over the threshold. No one wants to hear about the shrewish mother-in-law who's even worse than the witch.

Then again it could be commitment jitters - since mermaids do like their freedom - so fret not, young prince.

Ian Harding
Lorelei : Am I doing the right thing?
Paul : The dress or the wedding?

Though I would never claim to be bffs with my own erstwhile mother-in-law, I would say our relationship has remained relatively cordial. With my neverending attempts to sweeten her up, Madame Borgia has had no valid cause to rally the irate townspeople to storm my estate with blades and pitchforks. Undoubtedly Madame Borgia has reason to question the suspicious liaison between me and Charming Calvin - but to even mention it would make it all too real.

Her son... a homosexual? With a lover?

And that would obviously lead to the end of civilization as she knows it.

So denial plays a significant role in keeping my relationship with Madame Borgia surprisingly amicable.


Tempus said...

Ooo at some point I'd wish my parents were "beep".

But, it solves one problem, another might just arise.

Oh well, I guess everyone have evil thoughts once in a while

soul232 said...

I can't imagine how the in-law played their part when the couple is gay. well, if it's the hetero one, she will nag about the food, cooking, cleanliness of house, lack of child. what will it be for a homo couple? hahaha =D

savante said...

Depending on the parents involved, tempus, I can see your point :P

Well parents are the same everywhere - regardless of sexual orientation, so yes they will still nag endlessly, soul.

rotiboy said...

Wowowow, that is really bad. Who were the ones brought up the man she loves? She should be thankful to them for the good upbringing which in turn lets her be able to marry such a good man. No matter what she doesn't like about her parents-in-law, those are exactly what makes her husband the person he is right now.

And seriously, didn't she think of how to get along with the in-laws before she married him? Did she think she can live with her husband without any interactions with the in-laws?

Sorry, I feel disgusted by the attitude of people who would curse the death of others—even the slightest hint, even if they were joking. Plus, the people who were cursed are elders in her family.

rotiboy said...

And on second thought, she probably didn't marry because she loves him, but because she loves herself. Does she even care about how her husband would feel if he knows her cursing the death of her in-laws?