Tuesday, February 02, 2010

That Treasure Trail

Never could quite understand manscaping.

Certainly not advocating hairy beasts with luxuriants tufts even in their ears but a neat trim and groom once in a while would do just fine! There has to be a delicate balance between dating a grisly orangutan - and burping a bald baby.

So tell me, what's with the pretty boy models enthusiastically going at their bushes with bulldozers? Overkill much? Paring that pubic patch, even the delicious treasure trail's sacrificed in their bid to shave and wax every bit of hair off. The recent obsession with turning macho men into sleek, super-smooth plastic mannequins annoy me. Am I the only fella left who adores the flecks of curls marking the trail leading into the waistband? Didn't we use to worship slightly hirsute he-mans way back when?

You wouldn't date me unless I shaved?

What prompted this sudden diatribe on excessive manscaping? A friend of mine ( no Chewbacca! ) mentioned - not sure whether in jest - that he's thinking of shaving his legs.


As adolescent boys waiting for virile manhood to arrive, even the slightest hint of hair ( whether facial hair or otherwise ) seemed like a moment of joyous celebration. No doubt offers to purchase drinks for all would be on the table if we were of age then. And now we want to regress back to childish adolescence by going bald?

Or worse, turn into women?

To the wookies out there, I'm not saying leave your back hairs untended. But the bit on your chest, your armpits and the short-and-curlies? I certainly don't want to go treasurehunting in a dense tropical rainforest but that doesn't mean I'd want to go teabagging in a manicured lawn kitted out with pink flamingos either. Trim but there's no need for deforestation.

And unless you're knotting French braids with your leg hair, leave them alone.


William said...

Jom tebang pokok!

foongpc said...

I have hairy legs and I just let them be. No waxing or shaving off those hairs for me!! : )

Booker said...

French braids.... LOL!

Janvier said...

Hirsute pursuit?

Anonymous said...

I agree. These guys are going overboard with their razors and I don't mean the Motorola kind. Another thing is the tattoo or those tattoos covering half the body. I know that those beautiful tattoos would make beautiful lamp shades one day in the future but for the moment they just look freaky... sigh. Am I becoming too picky?

Alex said...

For the first time I'm hearing the environmentalist in you! Shocking.

Mikey said...

Nicely trimmed body hair can be a turn on ;) but utter deforestation of natural foliage? That's just sad. Anyway i offered to trim my ex and he freaked out. A man holding scissors near your privates? Big nightmare :P LOL

Also when "going to town", it would be good if the trip didn't feel like a flossing adventure... :P

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Hairy legs and winter= STATIC!
shaving is sexy ler.

savante said...

Why the deforestation, william!

It's perfectly fine, foongpc.

Seriously, Booker. Some of these fellows are already near hairless by virtue of genetics - and here they are chopping the lil hairs down.

Aiks! I should have used that as a topic, janvier.

You're not the only one, eric!

Yes, Alex. Save the Hairs!

A lil bit of flossing never hurt anyone, mikey :)

But we don't have winter here, shakira!