Friday, February 26, 2010

Objectification of Man

For rabid feminists who have long railed over the sexual objectification of women's bodies in every form of media known ( no thanks to drooling teenage fanboys ), they need cry no longer.

The men are certainly getting their fair share of objectification these days. Observe the increasing number of times soap opera fellas strip off their shirts to reveal toned abs - sometimes for no apparent reason. Obviously the more tolerant guys of the Noughties find nothing wrong with being regarded as sexual objects by the girls ( and gay boys ) - thanks to the hypersexualized boys of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Tyler Lough
You don't mind me shirtless, do you?

Or even the fellas flaunting their abs on Jersey Shore.

Seems like not even in the patriachal stronghold of computer games are the boys safe from the perving of voyeurs.

Of course I'm not complaining :)

Seriously. Talk about Heavy Rain.

Usually I only play strategy-based games such as Civilization and Sims since action-oriented games leave me with a massive throbbing headache. All that jarring meaningless Blair-Witch movement, you see. Not to mention the persistent rat-a-tat of the ever nihilistic weapons.

But Heavy Rain tempts me. Really, why even include a gratuitous scene where the main male protagonist named Ethan Mars takes a shower? And the engineers made the scene playable! As a test of the joystick, we get to toy with the skimpy towel rubbing across the broad expanse of his dripping wet torso. Wonder what else we'll be able to do with his joystick.

Ethan Mars
Ethan says hi!

Since it's clear from the story that Ethan's happily heterosexually married, I doubt we'll find him shacked up with a sexy boyfriend at the end. But who knows with these open-ended games.

Maybe I really should get my hands on a PS3.


Poet said...

Seems that way too. The big breasted and small waisted heroines of back-in-the-day-video games *cough* Tomb Raider *cough* don't quite seem to hack it anymore.

cYiD said...

and yeah,
go get the ps3~ lol...
[just for the sake of getting ethan i bed with another guy]

Chris said...

Long time didn't visit u. Happy CNY 2 u ya..

the happy go lucky one said...

u sure love the 'joystick', dont u? :P