Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Eternal New Year Conundrum

One of the most important events of the new year has to be the reunion dinner. It's the one time of the year where the entire extended family is gathered around a table over a shockingly decadent spread to celebrate the coming of spring.

Which brings about the eternal conundrum for my legally married friends. Legally meaning the straight married ones of course.

It's also a time for them to play the Guess Where We're Going For Dinner game. Wasn't as complex in the past since patrician values advocated that a woman left her own family on the day of her marriage to join her husband's. Chinese tradition would then have it that the new couple would naturally celebrate the reunion dinner at the home of the paternal in-laws!

However things are changing these days. Blame women's lib for the dilemma with the husband and wife deciding on the yearly venue at the toss of a die. After all the lady of the house can't very well abandon her parents, can she? Usually a compromise is struck between the two whether to travel alternately biennially or to have separate reunion dinners at two occasions.

Guess Where We're Going for Dinner : The Gay Version?

Of course that's a moot point when it comes to a gay couple - where both are male and Chinese. Tradition would state that both should return to their hometowns - meaning a definite separation for that time of year. Certainly no way to bring another fella home for the reunion dinner since probing questions will arise for sure ( apart from the eternal marriage question ).

Uncle : Why you bring your friend home for new year ka?
Paul : Oh yes.
Uncle : Why isn't he at home leh? He not Chinese ah?

Hmm. Maybe not such a great idea. So obviously this is one family reunion that will always have the both of us separated by the Big Puddle ( South China Sea ). At least that's what I reasonably expected till my sly mother brought it up.

Mother : Maybe one day Charming Calvin should follow us home.
Paul : As an ambassador from the east?
Mother : As a member of the family. Just see how new year is celebrated at home.
Paul : An observer from the NatGeo team?
Mother : Why not? It's a good idea.
Paul : Huh.

Seriously what does she mean by that? Disavowing any knowledge of our relationship and then suddenly throwing out a shocker like this? Another wily Jedi mindtrick?


William said...

Mothers are mercurial beings.

Janvier said...

We believe the reunion dinners will be a time celebrating with each own family.

But bwahahahaha your mum!

cYiD said...

she knows~
jeng jeng jeng

carpe diem said...

Motherly instinct. I think you have underestimated her. She knows more than you think she does...

quicksilverlining said...

ambassador from the east: a common euphemism for the phallus in 14th century chinese pillow books.

well played.

Anonymous said...