Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day Massacre

I actually learned several things about Valentine's Day this year. The movie I mean. Well, apart from imagining Bradley Cooper as a hot gay man.

1. Unpredictable Chemistry

Love doesn't follow rules.

Just like the beginning of a relationship, you can never predict chemistry. Kinda like this movie. Despite pretty people, formulaic script and a kick-ass music score all being thrown into the potent mix, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Tries really, really hard with the predictable gooey Valentine cliches but somehow it misses out on the heart.

Ironically enough. Even a wide-eyed romantic like me remains untouched. So it remains a sad Love Actually wannabe.

Kinda like the guys who look so great on paper - oh gosh so dateable - but somehow in real life... just no sizzle.

Plenty of sizzle with Bradley Cooper though!

2. Unbelievable Blindness

Love does make people blind.

Observe the unbelievably lovestruck fellow who goes around blithely proposing to a commitment-phobic girl that everyone - and that includes friends and coworkers - knows isn't right for him. Subtle hints lie everywhere and yet he doesn't see it.

Lovesick guy : She said yes!
Friend : Yes?
Lovesick guy : I proposed!
Friend : Good God.
Lovesick guy : She said yes to my proposal!
Friend : She did? Umm... that's great?

Seriously. Then later he pretends that no one ever told him! Should we just whack the hopelessly blind fool with a sledgehammer?

3. Unabashedly Silly

Love does make people silly.

Love isn't restrained, polite and structured like this movie. It's crazy, wild and unpredictable. In the Brit rom-com Love Actually it makes people do silly things - stand up in churches to sing out their love, write proposals on billboards and learn how to play drums just to impress someone. Even gets a seemingly sensible fellow abandon everything to learn an entirely foreign language and fly cross-country to proclaim his love to someone he has never spoken to.

Although I have to admit the surprisingly ditzy Taylor Swift hit just the right note of crazy silly adolescent love.


Janvier said...

Topher Grace made us think of someone else and Bradley Cooper looked a bit like Ralph Fiennes in this show!

But ditzy Taylor Swift was funny! "Hi, I'm Taylor!" "And I'm Taylor!"

antinous & ganymede said...

Bradley Cooper ~~~ meltz!!!

Darren said...

not gonna watch. been hearing bad reviews all over.

Evann said...

A billboard proposal; Didn't a Malaysian jack did that once? *shakes head*

Danny said...

still no time to watch yet..;(

simonlover said...

Hehe..Taylor Swift managed to shock me with her dumb-blonde performance compared to her squeky girl-nxt-door image! Hehe

savante said...

I know, janvier. Just love her in the movie. Especially the bit where Taylor went 'Oh you're still hot baby.' Hilarious.

Even as a cheating bastard in Just So Not That Into You, I loved him, antinous.

Worth a quick watch la, darren and danny. Not great but okay.

Yeah, a Malaysian fellow did that, Evann. But I was talking more of the Love Actually version.

Totally should have a dumb blonde movie with her in it, simonlover.