Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Girl in Town

Well that's Garrulous Gwen for you.

A recent transfer. Unfortunately the roster of doctors over here in Borneo seems to rotate faster than an overused turnstile at Grand Central. Hardly any time to settle down to business before they're gone again. The inexplicable reluctance of Borneo-bred physicians to return ( for reasons I have yet to ascertain ) has led to a regular transfer of manpower from other states. But that's a rant for another day.

It's all about Gwen. Though if you're imagining a shy, demure blossom trying to find her footing in a new milieu, you'd be way off. Newcomer in our hospital she might be but our outspoken Gwen's far from diffident. Already made quite a few ripples at the workplace by ruffling a few feathers. Obviously the reigning Pink Ladies here are taking a while to accept the new girl in town.

Even Ebullient Eve has her own reservations.

Since I know what it's like to be new, I've been showing Gwen the ropes. From nights on the town checking out the red light districts to selecting paints at the hardware store in the weekends. All suspiciously domestic but from what I've heard, she's desperately attached to her hometown hero of a boyfriend so it's all good.

So where do we stand?

But like all girls with a penchant for matchmaking, Gwen simply can't keep her curiousity down for long.

Then again I might have talked about furniture and paint swatches for Pemberley just a bit too much. With Charming Calvin already busy dotting the is and crossing the ts on the contract for his new apartment, I can't help but imagine the future layout.

Gwen : So what is this apartment you're talking about? You keep talking about getting paints and cabinets.
Paul : It's somewhere in the Klang Valley.
Gwen : So you're going to be staying there alone?
Paul : Definitely not alone.
Gwen : With a girlfriend?
Paul : With my partner who would definitely object to being called a girlfriend.
Gwen : Oh.

Yes. I'm getting a little impatient about keeping things discreet when I want to announce the fact on a tacky mile-wide airplane banner. Possibly noting the militant glint in my eye, Garrulous Gwen was wise enough not to bat an eyelash.

Well what else would I call Calvin? Boyfriend's just a little trite and sophomoric. Husband's just a bit too much - a traditional fellow like me would need at least a ring on my finger before I'll say that. I ended up settling with partner - despite the fact that I always think it sounds like we're close to setting up a law firm.


Chubby Zebra said...

Studmuffin? Love toy?

Queen B said...

girlfriend is ok for calvin i guess :P

William said...

My lover.

Mikey said...

savante, if it's more than 10 years of staying together for str8 couples, they're considered joined in matrimony (holy or otherwise). how long have you been with charming calvin? 5 years? i'd say calling him hubby is not premature...

somehow, 2 years of relationship for alternative lifestyle couples seems equivalent to 5-6 years of relationship for str8 couples ;) am happy for you both.

RPMnut said...

Opening a law firm? hur hur

I must admit - I can't help but giggle everytime I introduce my colleagues as "my partner".....or vice versa. :P

I reckon it's the only profession where introducing your "partner" doesn't raise any eyebrows ;)

Gratitude said...

Selecting paints? You sound like a Doc cum Ah Long LOLZ!

Life for Beginners said...

Gwen : With a girlfriend?
Paul : With my partner who would definitely object to being called a girlfriend.
Gwen : Oh.


P.S. I am utterly sorry I can never seem to muster enough intelligence to leave a decent comment beyond a major bout of laughter. But. You. The. Funny. :D

clownful said...

Law firm pulak..'beau' maybe?

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Got a SUNSHINE AWARD with your name on it!
Kindly accept it.


Darren said...

this post is adorable. yes i agree with william, "my lover" is just perfect for cover. :)