Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better an Adulterer

The recent Tiger Woods controversy has the newshungry media hounds in a tizzy. Near-perfect Tiger Woods being toppled from his pedestal by the scandal of adultery certainly makes the front page!

Me, I don't see all the brouhaha. I think this sordid affair should be a private matter between a man and his wife. And the rest of the world should just butt out. Don't tell me you purchased Tiger Woods endorsed products because he's a committed family man. Bullshit seriously.

But obviously not everyone's ready to let go. Even our radio deejays have jumped on the wagon with daily morning discussions on his racy adultery - and his seemingly endless line of buxom mistresses.

Deejay : So what do you think about adulterous men?
Woman : Well at least it's other women.
Deejat : You'd prefer he sleep with women?
Woman : Imagine if he'd slept with men instead! Wouldn't that be worse?

The tic at the edge of my mouth started twitching. You can imagine how furious I was to hear that.

And more than a little puzzled.

Wonder whether she knows I'm sleeping around!

Better an adulterer than a homosexual?

Shouldn't it be the other way around? For a woman, isn't it worse to be cheated on by her husband with another woman? Wouldn't she be more pissed if he was stepping out with another woman? Wouldn't that mean something was seriously wrong that he'd have to find solace in another? As all women do, she'd probably start soul-searching with a bucket of rocky road and end up questioning her feminity. Was she not sweet enough? Was she not clever enough? Were her boobs not big enough?

Husband : I'm cheating on you with another woman.
Wife : Fuck! What the hell does she have that I don't!

But if he had bonked another man... she'd probably just shrug heedlessly. Eh, the husband's gay. What can she do about it after all? Not that it's much consolation but at least the problem's clearly on his side.

Husband : I'm cheating on you with another man.
Wife : So it wasn't me! You're gay. No wonder!

So what do you think?


Little Dove said...

I think both are bad. Personal experience. :(

William said...

How about gay adulterers?

Mikey said...

Adultery of any kind is bad..but that's just my point of view. Honestly, i'm not surprised that str8 married women can't handle husbands who cheat on them with another guy. Another woman, she (the wife) could still compete with as they are evenly matched equipment-wise. However, if the husband craves for the male equipment, the wife can do squat about it. It's all about the fear of losing the good provider, i think. Heck, if a woman snares my partner away, i'd be devastated. But i'll not get too deep into that now.. ;)

stargal said...

well, look at it from another angle. what if a gay cheats on his partner with another woman? i reckon it'll be as devastating to the cheated partner. "am i that bad that he's giving up men and going for WOMEN now?"

savante said...

All too true but was far more irritated by the disgust in the woman's voice as she said... 'gay men'. Like it's much better to be an adulterer than to be gay. Eew.

Booker said...

Cheating is cheating. It'll hurt whichever way he swings.

And it hurts a lot.


yea, i think all woman in this world rather their husband cheat on them with another woman instead of man~

RcKs said...

Doc~ Long time no hear from you :p How are you o~

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

we heard the adultery but did we heard from gay celebs?

Poet said...

I used to ask this question to friends as an ice breaker.

Some tend to reply that they would prefer that their boyfriends cheat on them with a man, just so that there is "nothing wrong with them, its just that their boyfriend is gay."

Although some say that they would rather their boyfriend cheat on them with another woman so its not as though they were so bad that they made him "switch sides."

Interesting, always.