Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wouldn't it be Loverly

Like a surprising majority of gay men, I was brought up - stereotypically enough - with a staple diet of terrifically gay musicals. All of my bad stormy days were soothed by the happy thought of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Even my initial break up with my ISO had Nellie Forbush vigorously washing that man out of her hair in the background - interspersed with Eliza Doolittle defiantly ( and grammatically incorrect ) telling her learned tormentor Just You Wait.

Ooh, raindrops on roses!

Happy days were different of course and there were days when the corn grew high as the elephant's eye that I was only too glad to wake up singing Oh What a Beautiful Mornin! And if my feet start to move, I'll know it's alright since I can only dance all night on the street where you live.

Of course not overjoyed enough that I start enjoying being a girl like Linda Low Kwan in Flower Drum Song. Swear it would take more than a hundred million gender-bending miracles for that - although I did dream of dancing in a wondrous billowing dream of cream and silver on a marble floor in ancient Siam with the stern King.

Came as quite a surprise today to learn that my sweet Charming Calvin has been ensconsced in a time warp all these years isolated from all these great old melodies. Seems like I've been the only one staying up late nights on weekends catching up with the old greats. All the time I've babbled endlessly about musicals must have sounded like freaking Bloody Mary doing the Happy Talk to him.

To me, the Sound of Music only brings to mind the guitar-crazed Fraulein Maria ( after her wild mountain climbing days ) and her unfortunately deprived Aryan wards in pre-WWII Salzburg but to my MTV-generation-boy Calvin, all he can think of is Gwen Stefani hamming it up in Wind it Up. And My Fair Lady doesn't have a brash flower-girl getting all uppity but instead, he only has licentious thoughts of a fair fergilicious dutchess going down like a London Bridge.

Shockingly bad education, I know :)

Still Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man but I guess I know what he's going to be getting for presents every year from now on. A gift of music. Now, wouldn't that be loverly?


Sam said...

Not just Calvin mind you, but your dear little godbrother too.

We're the Fergalicious Gwen Stefani lovers. =P

Anonymous said...

You do that, Paul, and I'm sure you won't be "on your own, pretending he's beside you" a la Eponine. :-)

Sue said...

My, my. What a task is set before you. Just remember, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

matrianklw said...

Thank God I'm a little bit of both! The best of both worlds, I suppose. Can't help but love the fusion of The Sound Of Music with Wind It Up! Still, it stinks to know people who've never heard The Sound Of Music before!

What about Grease?

jamie said...

I consider Disney movies to be my (*ahem wink wink* generation's) musicals.

thompsonboy said...

Big fat deal about SOM, I am more MFL kind of girl

quicksilverlining said...

loverly indeed.

m5lvin said...

I do love Gwen Stefani but I love musical much more than anything else.

My Fair Lady, The Sound Of Music, De Lovely, Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge, The Producer,....I just can't stop moving my feet while watching 'em...=)

About Teekay said...

i always wonder where u get all those pics of beautiful men in cool pose. i go to porn sites everyday but never seen pics like that. heheh.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching several musicals in school.

One with Julie Andrews (although I don't remember which one),

The Music Man,
Pete's Dragon (is that technically a musical),
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,

and some others with some great scores of music.

lol....word verification is mtbriah

using the same key pattern, it could be mrbrian

Anonymous said...

proper. i love my fair lady. i'm in love with freddy eynsford-hill [the character & the actor]