Sunday, January 14, 2007

Man Dates, Boy Toys

Haven't had a sleepover since.... well, since my irrepressible schooldays when my classmates and I ran through endless hours of UNO, Trivial Pursuit and every imaginable card game possible. No sharing of secret hopes and dreams over frilly pink pillows, boxes of chocolates and Barbies please. Hey, I'm a prancing homo but we're still boys after all.

Sleepovers conjure up all sorts of possibilities from mind-blowing horror midnight movie marathons that leave the rapt viewers dead hoarse in the morning ( from all the nonstop screaming ) to furious playstation sessions that leave the thumbs screaming instead - and in the eyes of the regular red-blooded heterosexual boy, eventually leading to the usual soft-porn girl-on-girl slumber party / pillow fight in slinky negligees and teddys. In my eyes of course, a sleepover is always virile, oiled up men in dank secret dungeons getting ready for some wild man-on-man action but then again, I've always had an overly licentious imagination.

Sleeping man

Fortunately for the relatively innocent Strapping Shane, I forbore on the leather straps and slick baby oil leaving his so-called Azoth intact :P - and instead we all took turns escaping from villainous mercenaries, prankster aliens and wayward ronin in a virtual reality extravaganza. What a waste, I know. We could have been traversing the unimaginable heights of human ecstasy instead. :)

But boys will be be boys after all.

Far from his usual taciturn guise of the Lord of Perpetual Yawn, Charming Calvin was uncharacteristically sprite, chattering quite loquaciously with the occasional drunken idiom thrown in. No doubt the man downed quite a few tipples during his charity dinner last night - although he defensively proclaimed that he wasn't exactly three sheets into the wind :)

I'll grant him two sheets then.

Still it was well worth every potato chip, ngan yin peanut and coca cola bottle to finally see the nefarious Princess Allura reach her bloody end ( multiple ends and all ).


JL said...

next time try playing mahjong. I'll teach :)

Anonymous said...

You speaka foreign tongue. *cough* You played video games?


You mean you didn’t discuss quantum physics or quantum theory during this male slumber party? You didn’t chat about how the implications of quantum physics truly empowers you or how our physical universe is shapeable and how it’s connected to quantum law? Bah! You had an opportunity to discover man's secrets to the Universe and you you... played video games instead?


strapping.shane said...

With every sleepover - there must be a bunch of PS2 games to play. =P

Anonymous said...

Alcohol brings out the best and the worst in us. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol brings out the best and the worst in us. Haha.

jamie said...

Was there any sleeping involved at all? And I'm surprised that you didn't try to hog the controller. ;)

Btw, Gerard Butler looks uberly hot down there.

savante said...

Hey, I play mahjong too, jl! Just need a quick refresher tho since it's been a while.

Did the quantum physics bit first, annieeeeee... then realized that the rest didn't know all that much about it! :) Neither did I honestly.

We can talk and share our feelings, shane :P

True enough but we had kids about so alcohol was out of the question, william.

Jamie, I know. Gerard Butler. Meowr.