Friday, July 31, 2015

Fuck Marry Kill

Surprisingly very few have heard of it! Though I count myself as probably the last person to hear of a growing fad, it turns out there are some far worse than me. Even something as old as Fuck, Marry, Kill. Simple enough since it basically it offers a hypothetical scenario with three options to choose - whether to fuck, marry or kill.

And no, there are no two options for one. You have to choose. And I mean Mad Madison.

Since we usually have a mixed group of straights and gays ( not to mention those still in hiding / confused / etc ) whenever we meet, it does come up with the most eye-opening conversations. Along with the inadvertent outing.

Paul : Let's start with the Avengers. 
Grizz : Oh I'll start with -
Shawn : Hold on! Who are we gonna pick? There's only one woman on the team so far, well unless you count in the Scarlet Witch. 
Grizz : Oops yeah. 
Shawn : Bet you didn't catch that, bro.
Paul : Bet he didn't.

Like I said the last time, we are starting to wonder how generally sensible folks can't even tell that Grizz is a full-out gay bear. It's as glaringly obvious as the various shirtless bear parties - chock-full of hairy growling beasts in skimpy Speedos - that he openly posts up on Facebook.

But back to our game! For some inexplicable reason all Engineer Girls tend to want to marry Robert Downey Jr. Definitely not me though! Simply can't stand the snarky, pretentious Ironman so that would be the first I would push off a bridge. Make that aggressively drop-kick off a bridge!

Of course fuck Chris Hemsworth as Thor. I mean, would anyone even the slightest bit inclined towards men say no to the brawny blond godliness of Chris Hemsworth? Fun times on the bearskins for sure. But that arrogant Norse god machismo could get a tad grating at times so definitely not for marriage of course.

Imagine waking up to this!

And of course I would marry the dreamy Chris Evans as Captain America. Was there any doubt who I would choose? Despite what most might think, I like my men a tad serious, polite and old-fashioned so who else better than a soldier straight out of the 1940s? The ability to fill out a tight tee with those awe-inspiring pecs and tear off wood blocks with his well-muscled bare arms is just a welcome bonus.

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