Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thou Shalt Not Crash The Other's Soiree

More likely the Duelling Debutantes these days - with the prim and proper petticoats sauntering out from their shared domicile at the break of dawn to settle their differences with deadly hand fans and snuff boxes. Not long from now, I'm sure.

Months ago, we all predicted the likely chances of a murder-suicide tragedy over at the domicile but much to our surprise, they seemed to be rubbing along quite tolerably till we were recently made to realize that it was all a polite regency farce. Exchanging amicable kisses over steaming pots of Earl Grey in the public while sharpening mental knives on the sly. Deliciously devious.

Did you hear? 

And all it took was a single misstep by Marvellous Mabel - seemingly the most clear-headed - for this deliciously devious bit of devilry to be revealed.

Mabel : Oh I don't come out in the evenings. 
Paul : That's odd. Fear of the dark?
Mabel : No! I just stay in my room. 
Paul : Cabined, cribbed, confined? Not even going into the living room? 
Mabel : Not when Sophia has her friends over. 
Paul : But why not? 
Mabel : It has been written into our Norms. Thou Shalt Not Crash The Other's Soiree. 
Paul : Don't you all share the same set of acquaintances? 
Mabel : Yes, but not during those times. 
Paul : During those hours, they are only her friends?
Mabel : Precisely. 

Let me get this straight. The housemate has your friends over for a convivial gathering but you can't come out? Mean Girls much?

If that wasn't enough to deliberately provoke a murder-suicide as above, a secret masquerade ball was later planned between the girls - without the knowledge of the third who obviously wasn't meant to be invited. But due to the fact that they all reside together in the same domicile, spend the entire day basically together, there was little they could do but reluctantly reveal all to the third.

At the very last minute.

Oh wait, there is a masquerade ball in an hour! Gosh, we must have misplaced the invite! Don't forget, ta-ta!

I can just imagine the murderous thoughts that went by in her head. Now where in the world - apart from a magical fairygodmother - would she be able to find a proper ball gown and mask in time? And where could she hide the carving knife?

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