Friday, July 17, 2015

The Bane of Homework

As a school-going student, one of my endless horrors had to be the eternal bane of homework.

The occasional school project I was fine with - and in fact quite excelled in. Lots of extra time for preparation and planning, given deadline usually given some time away and a whole lot of creative input required; which is exactly what I was great at. Since these infrequent projects generally added to the final term results, kiasu me tried my best to outshine the rest of my rival classmates by coming up with terrifyingly extravagant showcases.

What the hell was I thinking back then!

But when it comes to dull dreary homework... they usually carries a shorter time lapse - frequently naggingly insistent on getting done by the end of the day at the very least. Though my parents never hovered over me to do so, I still felt this invisible urge to square it away before dinnertime. Many a time you would find me eschewing classroom antics - and the incidental prank - in between lessons just to furiously rush through several mind-numbingly tedious homework.

Well it's during these kinda times that I would be the one in the corner furiously doing my homework. 

Which honestly did nothing to improve my pitiable knowledge of said subject. More like filling up the given blanks mechanically as an unthinking machine would just to hand it up the next morning. Gasak saja as we would say in colloquial Malay. After all lousy lackadaisical homework never did crop up as a comment in our report cards!

Yes, I truly disliked homework; and never did see the sense in filling up my time performing these monotonous chores. Did anyone actually achieve a scholastic epiphany while listlessly getting through their assignments?

Thankfully those nightmarish school-going days are far behind me now.

Unfortunately that homework-hating trait seems to have spread to my niece and nephew. Though their methods of dealing with the piles of assignments aren't the same as mine at all. Whereas I would try my best to dash through the interminable sums, my niece and nephew tend to whine over their never-ending Kumon assignments.

Carmen : More homework!! Sob!
Raoul : I can't believe there's more!
Paul : Just do it fast and finish it!

Though I will admit the Kumon work does look seemingly endless. Tempted to tell them that there would be an end to all that monstrous homework one day but I guess when you're not even ten, that wouldn't be a comfort at all.

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