Sunday, July 21, 2013

Playing Hooky

With teacher parents ever obsessed with perfect school attendance, I have never ever missed a day of school. Barring the rare devastating natural disaster, I would probably be walking into the schoolyard by seven thirty at the latest. Apparently my parents hoped that regular school attendance would teach me the much commended values of diligence and discipline.

Lamentably quite the opposite happened since I'm quite the advocate of playing hooky these days. Seriously, missing a few days of school probably wouldn't have skewed my grade point average. Not like some of those sluggish, soporific hours at school were at all beneficial.

Unfortunately like I said before, none of the teachers looked this inspiring

Unlike my conventional brother who insists on teaching his children the same values we learnt - which is how I now have a distraught niece wailing over the thought of missing school. Clearly bending rules and conventions isn't exactly Chatty Carmen's forte.

Paul : They missed the plane? 
Brother : Pretty full that flight.  
Paul : What fun! Woo hoo! No school!
Brother : Not really. Chatty Carmen is weeping over missing the first week of school!
Paul : Crying over missing class?! Who does that!
Brother : Apparently my kids!

I gave him a sideways glance, could have sworn he was smiling just a little. Skip a couple of days and Carmen weeps. Tell me I'm missing school and I'd probably just pull up the blanket for another few days of sleep.

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Yours Queerly said...

I used to love missing school. I will use every single excuse in my arsenal to convince my parents to justify me skipping school.