Thursday, July 25, 2013

Consummation of Marriage

So what constitutes sex when it comes to two men?

Obviously the more anal-retentive would presumably leap to instant sodomy with penile penetration being the final climax of all homosexual sexual intercourse. Lest we forget, a criminal act wholly illegal in our country but yet so irrevocably tied to the gay male identity that it's almost impossible to convince anyone that while some of us do take the occasional stroll through the back alleys, quite a squeamish number have never even ventured close to the Hershey Highway. Pretty sure there are as many complex variations when two penises come to play as there are sticky yellowed pages in the gay Kama Sutra.

In fact our... adventurous friend Mercurial Marshall grades his sexual escapades in his personal classification from light to heavy.

Marshall : Nah, we didn't do anything heavy last night. Just some light stuff.
Paul : He stroked you with a duck feather? 
Marshall : I wish! Just some light kissing and stuff la. 
Paul : On the lips? Or everywhere else? 
Marshall : On the lips. Nothing below my neck.
Paul : That constitutes light sex? That's barely high school! 

Honestly I couldn't even begin to understand how he stratifies them into different grades of ... heaviness though I'll assume straight-up sodomy carries the most weightage.

So tell me, what kinda kink are you into? Something light or heavy? 

But I digress. So why the sudden need to define gay sex? Well it does make an annulment for gay marriage quite a tricky proposition for the men involved. In a straight relationship, consummation is defined as a complete penetration of the vagina by the penis, although it doesn't matter if a condom of ejaculation is involved - hence a marriage can be annulled if one of the couple has the incapacity to perform the act so to speak.

Leaving a quandary for places advocating gay marriages now; how would you constitute consummation for a gay marriage? Would that mean no sodomy, no marriage?


peace said...

the term "sex" is overused and under-understood amongst gaymen. agree?

Tempus said...

hmm, what about those with ED? If sex were to be that huge chunk of their marriage, then it wasn't a relationship to begin with.

it was, I don't know, just SEX?

Ban said...

One has to question the whole consummation of marraige then, wouldn't you think? Or is it the concept of marraige that is flawed?