Sunday, July 07, 2013

Prince in The Tower

'Once upon a time there lived a princess not too far away from here. Educated in the arcane skills of apothecary, she took charge of the royal apothecary upon the return from her studies with the dubious support of some ever unhelpful, always grumpy minions who muttered ever of impending mutiny.

Though she had recently recovered from recent heartbreak, our princess still managed to find love with a Northerner from far yonder, all through the benefit of email. Since she had only seen fit to meet him twice. 

Which didn't suit our princeling well for he insisted on travelling to find his true love. But rather than show him the wonderfully famed sights of her kingdom, the princess immediately locked the poor unwitting prince in the tower for the remainder of his journey to hide him from all who knew her.' 

Prince : I pledge my life to you!
Princess : Very nice but sorry, you're still staying locked up in the tower. 

Not exactly the happily-ever-after you're searching for. We've all heard of despairing princesses being locked up in towers far, far away hoping to for a white knight to rescue them. Over here, we have the reverse happening.

Paul : Seriously. You're locking him in the house. 
Panacea : Well I can't very well let anyone see him in town! Everyone would start talking!
Paul : Let them talk!
Panacea : And call me an unprincipled woman for having an affaire barely weeks after a breakup?
Paul :  So you're keeping the new fellow in hiding?
Panacea : Yes!
Paul : Even from us.
Panacea : I'm not ready for him to meet anyone yet.
Paul : Is he wanted for murder? Is he madly insane? Is he grossly hideous?  
Panacea : Of course he isn't. Why would I date such a man!
Paul : By hiding him from your friends, it sounds like you're ashamed of something.

Don't know what a man would think to have his supposed girlfriend keep him in hiding. On the way here, poor fellow was probably expecting to be welcomed with glad hearts, open arms and possibly a royal wedding. No doubt fooled by our Pretty Panacea's sweet promises. Not exactly the stuff of fairytales to find himself unceremoniously stuffed into the dark, dank closet when guests come by.

Honestly I would be highly suspicious if my partner refused to have me meet any of his friends. Wouldn't there be something really wrong if you wouldn't allow your friends to meet someone that significant in your life? Otherwise what possible reason is there to hide?

Who knows, maybe her prince really is grossly hideous.

Or a hunchback?

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