Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Social Mistress

It has been a while since my friends the Lushes have all been together in one place.

As usual, work, family and life has served to distance us all from each other - at least geographically wise. Fortunately these days we also have an increasingly wired world to bring us closer on our frenetic chat groups. Guess you win some, you lose some. I do miss them dearly but regular follow-ups on their lives and happenings keep me smiling, especially with the sight of newborn babies gladdening their already lush lives.

Not content with risking her life serving with Medecins Sans Frontieres in the wartorn fields of Iraq, Statuesque Sarah has decided to take up jumping from planes instead. Ostensibly learning all about air ambulance medicine but most probably the mid-air daredevilry would be the draw. Can't imagine what her long-suffering mother would think of her next adventure!

That didn't stop Sarah from having a little party of her own before leaving.

Sarah : Yes, I'm not always sociable all the time but that evening I was the perfect social mistress. 
Paul : Did you just say social mistress? 
Sarah : Yes. Me, social mistress. 
Paul : You know when you say that, everyone conjures up images of leather and whips? 
Sarah : Eeew no!
Paul : Just ask your housemen. 

Somehow I can't picture Statuesque Sarah as the perfect hostess in a frilly pink dress queening it over a garden tea party.

Sarah : Social mistress I tell ya.
Paul : Oh in that getup, I definitely believe it. Hell I wouldn't argue, you might break out the whips. 

Prissy genteel? Maybe not.

Something a lil more risque with a hint of the dominatrix while the petty house officers cower beneath their her spiked stiletto, far more likely. Although Sarah repeatedly announces on Facebook that she's a far more benign presence these days, we all know better. No doubt quite a few incompetent interns have been lacerated by her painfully scorching glares - though maybe they aren't immediately incinerated but left to gradually charbroil instead.

Humane, no? We are mellowing after all.

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