Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Theory of EngineerGirl

Working with a throng of females from nurses to doctors have given me a different perspective when it comes to them, call it an appreciation of their strengths and a a familiarity with their weaknesses, few though they may be. Even so, the women that I have worked with are entirely different from a particularly specific subgroup which are the female engineers.

From our small sample of female engineers - the likes of Mad Madison and Piratin Patty, we have started to notice a distinct similarity between them, which has helped us formulate a growing hypothesis about this unique subset of womankind. Perhaps help the rest of the straight boys out there to recognize the typical female engineer.

Come to me, my girls!
  1. Laces and frills aren't their usual forte. Boots and coveralls are more their style. For some reason the engineer girls we know tend to be one of the boys out drinking and carousing rather than the stereotypical girly girl out shopping in skirts and heels. In fact - though they wouldn't ever admit it, they probably sneer at those apparently manipulative girls.

  2. Which helps since they all adore hiking / running / climbing. Getting up at some ungodly hour during a weekend for a marathon seems to be a desired life goal for all of them. Perhaps they all signed blood oaths as they secretly joined all-female engineering sororities?

  3. They tend to love Robert Downey Jr in all his movie incarnations. Though I don't entirely see the irresistible allure, it seems his standout portrayal of the cynical, charming Tony Stark is an almost certain panty-dropper. Maybe a potent combination of swaggering machismo, snarky wit and tech know-how?

  4. There is a workaholic tendency to work after hours and also on weekends. Short of a Slap Bet, they would probably all be camped out in their sleeping bags at the office as a matter of efficiency.

  5. In their after-work behaviour, there are inarguable consistencies when booze and boys aren't in the equation. Let me present to you our Mad Madison after work.

    Madison : OMG I am so hungry! Feed me!

    ( after meal - perhaps eight bites of chicken )

    Madison : Guys, I am full. I can't eat another bite. OMG I think I'm falling asleep. *snore*
It's obvious that I love the entire insane lot of them. So do you know any EngineerGirls out there?

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