Sunday, June 14, 2015

Holding Hands

Perhaps I had been unfortunately misled but fanatical raves about Taipei frequently mention the endless choice and variety of food available in the apparent gourmet's paradise. Since I'd been brought up on a regular diet of tangy beef noodles from a local Taiwanese eatery as a child, I knew I had no choice but to head over to check out the real deal.

You can imagine that my personal expectations for the food were impossibly high. Probably right up there with Taipei 101. After the endless exhortations by Diffident David, could you possibly blame me?

So Charming Calvin and I made a checklist of everything we had to try from the aforementioned beef noodles to deep-fried chicken steak to oyster noodles to lots and lots of chinese dumplings... and everything else in between with gallons of taro / tapioca balls to wash it down with. After all Taipei was apparently famous for the scrumptious street food!

Perhaps it was too early to clap our hands loudly. Or maybe we set the unachievable bar just a tad too high.

Absolutely no complaints about the food of course. Loved the beef noodle as always. Liked the fried chicken steak as expected. Didn't mind the Taiwanese pork sausage. Certainly deliciously snack-worthy but anything to write home about? Really don't think so.

Perhaps it's a case of being acclimatized to our more ... savoury foods back here for I find the food in Taipei just a bit too bland. Half worried that I'd turn into that horridly inappropriate tourist that splatters everything with chilli and spices just for that zesty wallop. Maybe throw in a spoonful of spicy sambal? Thankfully I refrained from such atrocious behaviour!

Wouldn't mind having him on my plate though!

Then again I would presumably refrain from enthusiastically offering Taipei as a foodie's delight as well! Short of having Eddie Peng in all his wiry muscular delight slathered with said dishes for a manly buffet.

Somewhere along our walks though, I did see a peculiar dish that looked really familiar - and yet wildly foreign to my eyes. Red yeast wine nearly ubiquitous in most Fuzhou dishes but yet gelled into a clear gelatinous meat concoction. Even I found that a bit hard to swallow!

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zerachiel said...

planning to go there with a close friend early next year, definitely not for the food, since i'm a herbivore, but got to know that Taiwan has plenty of breathtaking scenic attractions, something a shutterbug like me crave for...