Friday, June 26, 2015

The Horror Feminae

Or at least the horror feminae of Diffident David. Otherwise now commonly known as gynophobia.

Since I've never had any sisters as a child, the world of females with their whims, wiles and fancies has always held just a little mystique for me. Though they held but little erotic interest for me, I found myself quite fascinated by the covert happenings behind the high convent walls since the only girls we knew back then were to be found there. In an all-boys mission school, a living girl would be akin to some mysterious alien coming from a distant foreign land. What wildly exotic creatures were this after all?

Didn't take very long for me to find out though since adolescence came along fast enough - and with it came, tuition classes and campfires which signalled a time for inter-gender mingling. While the straight fellows found themselves shamefully tongue-tied in the presence of the girls, obviously I didn't have that unfortunate social impediment and easily established fast friendships with more than a few.

Wow, is that a real woman? 

No matter how different we may be in personality or temperament at least we did share one similarity; staring at the cutest boys.

With the throng of females in medical school - and later in the workplace, the feminine mystique soon became something we had to hastily decipher for our survival. At least if we weren't to be regularly annihilated for committing some sort of social faux pas.

Or during that time *ahem* of the month.

So I've always wondered why Diffident David could have such an inexplicable horror of females. Even the faint scent of a woman has him reeling in abject terror. Though he denies it vehemently, we have seen him unconsciously recoil from the mere touch of a woman so we do know his inner fears to be legitimate.

Madison : Did you just flinch?
David : No.
Madison : Yes, you did! I was just reaching for my drink. 
David : I didn't flinch. 
Paul : You practically fell over the chair trying to get away from her. Flinching would be an understatement.
David : I didn't!
Madison : We don't have cooties! 

So we have confirmed that at least vagina dentata isn't one of his anxious concerns.

Unusual to think that he has two sisters to deal with - younger and elder. In fact David has been dealing with ladies all his life, even in his university days where the girls would twice outnumber the boys and at his workplace as well. Could it perhaps be some horrific repressed memory of their mental / physical abuse?

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