Thursday, June 11, 2015


Not that I have any.

Though Charming Calvin has something quite close to it with his devoted trio of Crazy Calvinettes. Actually make that four since there's one apparently hidden somewhere in Taipei - hereby dubbed Salesgirl since my knowledge of her career is still somewhat murky.

So with Calvin making plans to find said Salesgirl in Taipei, I found that it suited my nonexistent travel plans perfectly - especially since Pretty Panacea recently decamped over there after her hurried wedding. Close enough for a quick trip after all and thankfully visa-free.

Honestly though it has never occurred to me to even pay a visit - despite all Diffident David's enthusiastic exhortations after his last eventful trip. There was some mumbled mention about the innumerable food choices there, I believe! Maybe some talk about the waterfall? Though I was still somewhat skeptical. Even after half my medical school classmates applied to Taiwan for their electives years back, the place still seemed somewhat obscure.

Nevertheless it must be worth ticking on my Asian travel list. After all with the appalling incidents that befell David during his travels there, Taipei must be quite a place for him to still recall it fondly!

Though first impressions are frequently inaccurate, mine turned out to be quite precise. As the taxi brought us to our hotel somewhere in the Shihlin area, we drove by numerous dreary grey apartment buildings, starkly nondescript in their eerie similarity. Reminded me of every other medium sized mainland Chinese city honestly.

Pretty boys saying welcome to Taipei!

Our first evening walking around didn't change my opinion very much. Though tourists - and David - often rave about the night markets in Taipei, notably the one in Shihlin, I didn't find it very much different from the ones we have back home. Seriously guys, you don't find our pasar malam here quite as impressive? Replace the beef noodles with our nasi lemak, swap the fried chicken steak for vadai - and it wouldn't be very much different from back home.

Not to mention the knickknacks and clothes on sale could easily be found in our backalleys here as well.

But it was still worth it finally getting a bite of my favourite chicken steak right in Shihlin itself. 

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