Thursday, April 17, 2014

Whirlwind Romance

Frequently I hear married people moan about not knowing their much maligned spouses well enough. Happily-ever-afters don't come that easily after the wedding. Obviously they didn't have the age-old adage of 'Marry in haste, Repent at leisure' hammered into them repeatedly.

Perhaps they were brought up on a steady diet of classic Disney fairytales which would explain the irrational urge to irrevocably commit to a total stranger - no matter how uncommonly handsome! - the moment he claims an introductory kiss. And yes, I'm looking at both of you shockingly impulsive gals, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

Even the Little Mermaid.

Aurora : But he's my true love!
Paul : Seriously. You knew all that after a song and dance in the forest? 
Aurora : But we had lots of chemistry!
Paul : That's lust, honey. You don't build a marriage only on that.
Aurora : You don't?
Paul : Not really. 
Aurora : Umm.
Snow : But my prince saved me with true love's kiss. 
Paul : One Heimlich kiss doesn't make him any less of a stranger. Do you even know his name?
Snow : Umm.
Ariel : Hey, don't pick on them!
Paul : You sacrificed everything you had for a hunk you saw lying unconscious on a beach. 
Ariel : Umm.

Not that I wouldn't have done the same. I mean, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty? Hubba hubba oh come to me, you sexy man. Certainly would have slayed a dragon for him. Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid? Yeah I would have left the sea for him but I would probably have kissed him the moment I landed on shore.

But those are Disney cartoons. In real life? I think I would be a little more cautious about leaping into such monumental life decisions based solely on a pretty face, a great physique and some raging pheromones.

Panacea : I'm getting married.
Paul : You've only known him for three weeks in total.
Panacea : But it's true love! When we're together, it feels like...
Paul : Are you gonna break into song like a Disney princess? 

Although throwing caution to the wind seems to be the motto for my friends. As it turns out, Pretty Panacea - our very own Snow White actually does behave as if she lives in a fairy tale. It didn't take very long after meeting her northern prince that she impulsively decided to marry him.

After meeting him in person for a total of three weeks at the most.

Three weeks. I've had a longer affair with a frozen sandwich.

Yes, I know Panacea has been talking to her prince over the internet for almost a year. But does sharing e-mails and instant messages every few days really substitute the simple act of getting to know a person with an actual live conversation? Undoubtedly flawless internet personalities are frequently edited to present only the shiniest best without revealing any of the inevitable blemishes.

I bet Panacea never even googled his name.

Surely there is time to slowly build on a relationship before rushing to sign the marriage certificate so hastily.


Tempus said...

I don't know about that. Somehow I landed in on fairy tale one way or another.

It really has been just facebook and line messages with several photo exchanges electronically for the past 8 months.

But somehow, when I spend 3 short days with him last week, it was magically and unbelievable.

As much as I believe that love at first sight as well as concrete physical relationship is the key to successful ones; we managed to pull a LDR quite steadily.

Maybe there isn't much or even enough physical contact time or talk to begin with; but spending time together within the short period of given time was, exasperating.

Scams do exist, but somehow or someway, some people do get lucky.

sharman said...

Maybe it's just me but i absolutely agree with "absence makes the heart fonder". Living together, now that's the real challenge! I'd suggest try that out first, before signing that cert.