Saturday, April 05, 2014


Times certainly have changed.

With our equal rights advocates pressing forward with their demands in many developed countries - and quite a few developing ones - and even gay marriage gaining traction, it comes as no surprise that homos are suddenly the undisputed flavour of the month. Even a blatantly homophobic, religiously conservative country like ours has gay all over the front page. Notwithstanding the infamously neverending sodomy case that keeps getting dredged up every couple of years.

Though the government-sponsored reports are always frightfully negative, it nonetheless shines a spotlight on us like never before. At least for now.

The next most-wanted accessory for the modern girl on the move - the GBF

So is it any wonder that though the attention might be hugely unwarranted and highly undesired, we've become exceedingly notorious? Seems like almost everyone wants to know about the gays.

Girl : Hi, can I ask you a question?
Paul : Ask away. 
Girl : OMG are you gay?
Paul : Yes.
Girl : Like for reals?
Paul : Yes?
Girl : That's like totes incredible! Like I so wanna have a gay best friend!
Paul : OMG! Yay!

At least that's my reaction. Or perhaps it's the reaction of the lost generation of boys who spent their high school years miserably huddled in the proverbial closet worried about the negative reaction of their judgemental peers. So to be accepted wholeheartedly with little condemnation sounds like a vivid technicolour dream!

That's what I initially thought would be the usual reaction but these days with homosexuals going mainstream, the gay boys are actually whining over giggly girls going after the next big thing. Some might disagree but I think on the whole, the younger generation is getting a whole lot more tolerant of dissimilar mores. And it turns out the GBF is the next big trend - Gay Best Friend in case you're wondering.

But the new gay boys ain't having it. Supposedly wanting them as a GBF reduces them to the demeaning status of a shiny accessory to complement their glittering circle of socialistas.

And the boys don't want to be objectified.

Like seriously?


Cheng said...

This seems to be the trend nowadays even my female workmates here in my office want a G.B.F. haha

savante said...

Go be theirs, cheng!

Rae said...

This is so true! The younger generations (90s and above)) as compared to the 80s generations have much different outlook on being gay. While both may accept and understand; it is the latter that will not be too oblivious on the community that is around them and embracing that community in the society.

From my personal experiences too :)

sharman said...

There's nothing wrong being a GBF, but never an accessory, gotta make sure you have your own spotlight and stage, right?