Thursday, April 10, 2014

Can I Play With Your 啾啾

Sounds so deliciously dirty. Especially when you realize 啾啾 is spoken as 'jiu jiu'.

Which is exactly what I erroneously imagined ( yes, yes I have a horrifically filthy mind ) when an old auntie patient of mine came by this morning. Speaking haltingly in a curious jumble of Chinese dialects, her aged arthritic fingers kept pointing right at me as she kept harping about my 啾啾. Already tasked with trying to understand her speech, my sad lack of Chinese prowess had me wrinkling my forehead in consternation in due course.

Of course if the patient had been several decades younger and more testosterone inclined, perhaps I would have offered to show my 啾啾 in a more private setting.

Paul : Excuse me? 
Auntie : You have a nice 啾啾.
Paul : Umm... thank you but it's that obvious? Are my pants a little too tight?
Auntie : No no! Your 啾啾!
Paul : Chew chew? Jiu jiu? Is that a soft toy? 
Auntie : It's that tie around your neck!
Paul : You mean the bowtie? 
Auntie : Yes!

Tend to go very formal at work hence the vests, jackets and the occasional bowtie. Which is what the old lady - probably used to the more overly casual wear in town - was trying her best to comment on.


You want to see my what? 

Turns out it's a colloquial expression frequently used by the cutesy, frequently kawaii Taiwanese for the humble bowtie. For some reason, the word 啾啾 sounds like a bird tweeting so it's basically tweet tweet around your neck. Who knows, mayhap the winged bow knot also resembles a feathered friend perched on the collar.

Now come on, how impossibly cute is that!


Sharks said...

Hiao lo you, hahaha!

savante said...

So come over and scratch my itch, sharks.