Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Grinch

I guess I do have a little cantankerous Scrooge in me.

Will : They are celebrating their anniversary.
Paul : After one month?
Will : Yeah! Great news right?
Paul : That's not much to celebrate!
Will : Aww.
Paul : A month is not that long! I've had butter that lasts longer.

Undoubtedly it makes me feel like a grumpy Grinch picking over such inconsequential issues since we should celebrate the small things that matter, even the smallest milestones.

But really... celebrating a one month anniversary? I understand if it's a private matter between two lovers but announcing the date for all to hear expecting hearty congratulations? Would they expect flaming fireworks followed by a balloon parade? While everyone's wishing them the best, all I could come up with was a nod of acknowledgement at best.

Maybe a light supportive pat on the back.

It's only a month, for chrissakes.

One month? Really?

Sigh. Certainly a tragic testament to how long gay relationships actually last that we prematurely rejoice over flimsy flings that last slightly longer than a week. Deliciously syrupy romance flicks would have us believe that true eternal love can miraculously happen in a matter of days - though we know that's largely unfounded in reality - but is it even possible to even know everything there is to know about someone in a short span of four weeks? With only one month struck off, the relationship hasn't even reached the longevity of a paper anniversary which signifies a whole year.

After that handful of dates, I would still be unsure whether I like the fellow, much less commit to an anniversary celebration.

Bah humbug much?


♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

Well I think it's nice to celebrate little milestones. I for one commemorate firsts.

But true enough, there's still a million things to discover about a person. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. Uhm. Leap of faith?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the tone.."get back to me after a year and let me know how you are getting on"

sharman said...

Agreed. It's a little sad that we have so little faith in relationships anymore. Could they all just be taylor swift inspired? Hahaha

savante said...

Milestones for sure :) Always insist on celebrating the important days, iamrei!

Definitely, anon.

More like poor Britney Spears inspired, sharman!