Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Madison Avenue

Ever since the Roaring Twenties, Madison Avenue in New York has become almost synonymous with the American advertising industry, even serving as the inspirational backdrop for the oh-so-chic Mad Men. Even today, it's not difficult to picture beautifully appointed fashionistas flicking through Tindr with their perfectly manicured nails as they browse through the many posh boutiques and stores along this historical avenue searching for that perfect outfit.

But that's way on the far side of the globe. Here on our side of the Big Pond, our very own Madison is decidedly more ... casual.

Or at least our Mad Madison is. Fashion-wise anyhow. Her very own inimitably laidback beachwear style which she customarily defends quite vehemently with the all-too-general catch-all 'It's comfortable!'. Sure I could expound all day about purchasing fashionable workwear that still manages to provide reasonable comfort but I doubt it would lend on receptive ears.

Hmm. Perhaps I could reserve comment? 

Well at least till today when a chance meeting at a cafe with four tart young things in tees and thongs left her with a bit of sour instead. These girls were entirely reminiscent of the heinous Little Miss Socialistas I once spied on back in the city - except on this side of the Big Pond, these tart young things dressed up in rumpled tees and ratty shorts straight out of the laundry basket.

No doubt extremely exorbitant and shockingly branded but on them it could have been less than bargain basement goods. And that goes for the unfortunate Phillip Lim handbag carelessly drooping from one of the Miss Casualistas as well.

There's casual street chic. And then there's sloppy hobo wear. And for the first time, I wasn't the only one doing the venomous judging. Well, at least not much.

Madison : Oh dear, do I actually dress like them? Am I that bad? Paul?
Paul : ....
Madison : Paul?
Paul : ....
Madison : Trust me, your silence isn't helping.
Paul : I was hoping that was rhetorical. Let me take a moment, why not pose that question to Kat first?
Madison : Kat? Do I dress like them? 
Kat : .....
Madison : How about you, Sam? 
Sam : ....
Madison : OMG.

Coming from Madison who's all about casual chic, that's not exactly complimentary. All in the intonation. Since none of her all-too-judgemental friends could muster up a decently innocuous reply, it wasn't long before Madison let out a disheartened wail that grew ever louder when the Miss Casualistas started striking poses and snapping selfies.

Madison : Dressed like that? 
Paul : Well they probably always dress like that. 
Madison : I don't wear that, do I? 
Paul : You do know she has the same tee-shirt you're wearing now? 
Madison : Noooo......

Seriously, dress up people. Who are you dressing down for?

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