Monday, May 11, 2015

Allura Returns to Deceive

I've always been a tad cynical.

The more outwardly saintly a person appears, the more suspicious I get. Smiley Sunday Samaritans toting portable Bibles and brollies make me wonder if they're hiding rotting corpses in their backyard. Righteous bearded clerics in their heavy robes ranting about the greatness of their religion only has me checking whether there's an armed Uzi and a heavily pregnant tween hidden behind them.

These are the ones I always keep an eye out for.

Just like the seemingly righteous Princess Allura - who has finally crawled out of the darkest depths after making her disappearance nearly ten years ago. Unsurprising since she basically killed off everyone she knew including her poor hapless fiancee. Just because.

Apparently though bad pennies keep turning up since the murderous princess from the game Trapt has made a return in Deception IV : Blood Ties. Though she now goes by the even more deceitful name of Laegrinna.

The inconsequential change of name certainly doesn't make her any less wickedly vicious. Though she might play the innocent victim all dolled up in a frilly lil dress, don't be fooled by her gentle placidity - seeing as she can barely physically defend herself - for she lays the most horribly sadistic traps known to man.

Or woman.

Not even pretty-boy looks are enough to save her unfortunate enemies. If she had little qualms eviscerating her much lamented fiancee, I doubt any of the others would fare better.

Trust me, not a ride you want to be taking anytime soon. 

This girl is a monster.

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