Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Religion of Gymbots

Perhaps mere gymbots would be the wrong classification for them. You know the sort - you probably know one of them - those athletic, outdoorsy buddies who are desperately into running, hiking, climbing etc. Invariably waking themselves up early on the odd weekend for a fun marathon or scubadiving competition.

For them, it's practically a religion with clear and definite tenets. Yeah these active-lifestyle zealots aren't quite the same sort as you and I. In fact they don't even speak the same language.

Then again they could certainly try to convert me!

Evidenced by the time Stalwart Shane started up a conversation with Mad Madison after they compared gym schedules, with each other and also with their other robust compatriots. Don't think it would take very long before Madison finds herself converted.

Shawn : I try to head to the gym as much as I can. 
Madison : Certainly shows. You're looking great too!
Shawn : That's nothing. My friend can squat almost 110 kg and she's a tiny little thing. 
Madison : That sounds amazing. I can only do maybe half of that! 
Shawn : You should see her benchpress! 
Madison : She must be really fit. 
Shawn : Take a look. 
Madison : Great quads! You should see my friend. He joins the Ironman competitions all the time. I'm thinking of taking part one day. 

They were well and truly awed. I tried my best to follow but honestly I really didn't see the point. Might have blacked out for a moment as well but I managed to catch the final bits of their conversation as they talked about eating clean. Obviously one of the major tenets of their religion which is Thou Shall Eat Clean.

For me, eating clean is getting the dirt off my edible food.

Doubt heading to the gym would be in my fun schedule ever. If not for the ever-present fear of the impending heart attack, I doubt I would even bother. So you can already imagine what I think about getting up at some ungodly hour of the morning during a weekend just to sweat ten miles for a dinky brass medal. Endorphin rush, seriously? Sense of accomplishment, really?

Obviously it's going to take a lot more to convert me. 

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